Beware Illinois Politicians Bearing Gifts

Yes, this is yet another blog that will deal with political commentary, and I have chosen to call it “do not tread on us” because this current administration is trying to do just that. With each passing day, we lose another liberty guaranteed by a Constitution that Obama and his cronies which to CHANGE. They are hell-bent upon destroying our economy in an attempt to lower our position in the world community.  This is my attempt to reach out to Americans who have the right and wish to question all that this President and his misguided political cronies are attempting to force on the American people. I would hope in some small way to educate people and stimulate questions that must be asked of our politicians who seem only to serve their own interests. Each day, this government attempts to usurp the power of the people, denying their right to criticize and expanding the power of a Liberal judicial system to remove the rights that our founding fathers fought so hard to achieve.  What is it that Liberal Americans fail to understand about the people with whom this president surrounds himself?  I challenge all of you you to read through the list of so-called Czars and find one redeeming virtue among them. Those who take the time to do so, and at some point, I shall make that task easy, will find Terrorists, admitted Communists, Socialists and Racists among the group. Van Jones, the green csar, an admitted Communist and Racist who proclaimed that the white people poisoned the drinking water of black and hispanic communities is now gone, but he was never turned out in disgrace by Obama, who grew up with and is too comfortable with the likes of Jeff Jones, Cass Sonstine and some thirty two other csars who exorbitant salaries we pay and who answer not to the American tax payer.    There is so much yet to say…………….


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