Date night at the House of Representatives did not turn out totally as advertised, but did serve the purpose of diluting out the numbers of democrats jumping up and down, applauding every word that spewed from Obama’s mouth. Speaking of that most of the verbage had the consistency of what one might find in a cow pasture, but the good news is, that it was shovel ready for the House clean up crew. Obama, who tried to suggest he was a centrists now, proved ambivalent by virtue of what he proposed or did not propose. He spent the usual, wasteful time with anecdotal information about people, some of whom we have no knowledge of their existence. He did honor and rightly so, a gentlemen in the balcony instrumental in developing the tube and drills that ultimately freed the Chilean miners, but Obama’s forte was to continue to use people recently having to deal with personal injury and loss as political pawns and props rather than an expression of his real feelings for them. I believe that he was genuine in his remarks about Congresswoman Giffords who is making a remarkable recovery. He suggested a 5 year freeze on spending but was not specific about the manner in which this was to be accomplished. He mentioned the debt panel he has assembled last year, said he disagreed with some of their proposals but discussed none of them. He spoke of his flexibility of changing some “questionable choices” in the health care law, glanced over the possibility of taking a look at tort reform when he alluded to frivolous suits, and then immediately returned to to admonishing Republicans who wish to repeal Obamacare, with the same old accusations regarding pre-existing conditions and continuing children on parent’s health plans until the age of 26. With regard to the latter and considering the fact that most at this age group are robust and healthy, why do they need to remain on the parent’s policies? There was some suggestion of removing the 1099 tax, but I do not believe he is at all flexible since his goal remains the public option and a single payer system. Obama really never addressed the deficit, but suggested that spending should be cut in some areas without being specific. He never touched upon the extension of social security to age 70 so that future generations might benefit from their contributions.

His main focus seemed to be on spending more money, trying to fool the American people by changing the word to investment, and proposed that monies/spending/investment should be directed at education, infrastructure, and high-speed railroads. As it is Acela gets one to Washington 30 minutes less time than the significantly less expensive Amtrak. We do not need more of the former. With regard to education, no one disagrees that our children might benefit from a better education, but without rewriting world or American history for the purpose of political correctness (my words, not his). In order to remove inadequate teachers from the system, the unions must be dismantled, tenure and pensions re-evaluated, and worthy teachers rewarded for doing the job hired for: teaching our children. Obama did not make mention of any of this. He alluded to the fact that their should be corporate tax relief or reduction, but based it upon some vague savings from other areas. Obama’s attempt at humor fell flat with his jokes about airport exams and the issue that two different agencies have to deal with fresh or saltwater salmon. This is the problem associated with expansion of government where too many people with high-priced salaries, do not do the jobs for which they were hired. And Obama complains about Wall Street.

Any suggestion of being a centrist quickly disappeared in the middle of one of the most boring State of The Unions Speeches, when he, again, praised HIS association with continuing the Bush tax extension, and then quickly said what he really believes. That all millionaires are bad and should relinquish the tax relief provided to them as a result of the aforementioned legislation. He is talking about 2% of the tax payers. Perhaps some 40% of Americans or people living and working in this country, along with the Treasury Secretary, should also pay taxes and on time. He alluded to immigration issues, purely for the purpose of making nice to his deserting Hispanic base, but made no mention of protecting our borders.

The Lebanese government has fallen, providing a closer terrorists relationship with Syria and Iran. There have been riots against government in Tunisia and Egypt. If these countries come under total muslim/terrorist control, will Saudi Arabia and its oil supply be next.? There is no guarantee that once we leave Iraq, that the government will remain friendly. Afghanistan is too riddled with corruption and terrorist ties to become a real democracy. We depend upon foreign oil for just about every product we use on a daily basis. We depend upon foreign oil to support the needs of our military, and we are possibly close to depending only on Canada, our own oil reserves, and Venezuela (what a terrible thought) for continued supply. Obama should have discussed increasing drilling in the Gulf, in Alaska, and where ever we have huge supplies of both oil and natural gas in this country, but he is too afraid of angering the Sierra Club et al. If we come closer to the brink of the disaster we are edging towards, Congress could declare a state of emergency that would obviate all of the law suits and impediments the deluded conservationists might attempt to use to prevent more drilling. Obama’s answer to this has been hybrid cars that no one can afford and high-speed trains no one wants to use.

This president has learned nothing from the mid-term election results. He believes in his genius and the stupidity of the people. The purpose of this speech was purely political, and had nothing to do with the actual state of our union and what really must be done, and now to correct its fiscal and moral problems. Obama still has high hopes for 2012, but as unemployment will most likely not drop significantly under this administration’s direction, he should start looking for another job. If he is fired, is he eligible for unemployment? HOPEFULLY, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL SEE THROUGH THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS, AND LIES DELIVERED AT A YEARLY EVENT, HIGH-LIGHTED AS THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS.



  1. Justin says:

    I watched the speech last night. I was disappointed with Obama’s vagueness on certain topics like the freeze in spending and the current deficit. Aside from that, I agree that the education of America’s youth will shape the state of the country in the future, and that teaching will become more important than ever before. I believe that we need to become more dependent on ourselves than on countries like China and Saudi Arabia.

    • Thank you Justin. Good analysis. The education of the youth will only be as good as the texts and the teachers providing it. The Union’s influence must be reduced, bad teachers removed, good teachers rewarded and pensions and tenure re-evaluated. The other is will involve you currently where professors will try to force you to take their political position. This has always been unfair. If a student can produce a good enough argument tp prove his point with facts and quality writing or oral debating, that’s what the grade should be based upon and not the professor’s bias. American texts should not be written for political correctness. History exists as history and not to be scrubbed clean to please a few dissenters. Independence of foreign oil is a must. By the way Go Pack……Cannot tolerate the Steelers.

  2. ruth Lowy says:

    tried so hard to find some inspiration in his speech, but nothing was there, his speech in Tucson was better, although it was a pep rally


    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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