James Earl Carter, who more than likely would have been more comfortable in the sitcom “My Name Is Earl”, became the 39th President because of the country’s unhappiness with Richard Nixon and despite the down to earth honesty of Gerald Ford. Carter is supposed to be the only president to have been born in a hospital and more than likely the only one,(Not certain about Bush Sr. or George) since the current White House occupant’s birth history remains questionable. Carter had some naval experience, that considering his mien could have easily placed him in McHale’s Navy. During his presidency, Carter brought into our lexicon the Departments of Energy and Education. Considering the condition our education system is and the standing of our students compared to the rest of the world, the department was/is costly, redundant and highly inefficient. The Department of Energy provided almost complete dependence upon foreign oil and has done nothing to encourage drilling here in the good old USA for oil and natural gas. This and persistent government bungling from then to now has helped create the dire economic disaster in which we currently find ourselves. Just prior to relieving this country of his total inadequacies by leaving office, Iran took over our embassy keeping too many Americans captive, some for over a year. Because of the intelligent and forceful leadership of Ronald Reagan, the captives were released and the soviet empire ceased to exist.

Now we come to barack Hussain obama, and the major comparison one might make between him and Carter was that the latter was really an earthy peanut farmer, who while lusting in his heart for some “lady” probably never knowingly lied to the American people. This is not the case for Obama, who has made all the moves in his attempt to turn this country into a socialist state by any means possible where any means justify his hell-bent ends. Last night’s speech was yet another example of his handlers pressing him to say anything that might possible get him re-elected. A bit late in coming, it apparently was felt that it would be good to attempt to explain, why we were bombing Libya; why he ordered without consent of Congress (there is no notation in the U.S. Constitution regarding pep rallies prior to going to war, kinetic or otherwise): why we might be arming the rebels, whom ever they might be; that there were no boots on the ground (perhaps some special forces); and to offer some mumbo-jumbo about what our contribution might be and for what period of time. He failed in all aspects. This White House mantra is tell the people anything since the jerks who voted for you will do it again , and if you sound presidential, you might sway those Independents who jumped ship. The Independents are not coming back since they were conned once and are now embarrassed by their foolish choice when they voted for Obama. The same Independents who helped elect both Tea Party candidates and other conservative Republicans in the mid-term elections will happily vote Obama out of office in 2012, no matter what lies, what propaganda and what smoke and mirrors and what ever forms of deception the DNC and the White House will try.

This inadequate, inept president has placed around him many of the same kind. It is apparent that not one of his advisers or cabinet members are on the same page regarding foreign policy and the direction that must be taken with regard to the Middle East, other than to coddle the muslims, reinforcing the feeling that Obama is a closet muslim. The Secretary of State, Clinton is still Bill Clinton’s wife and more than likely takes her marching orders from him rather than her boss. She has been at odds with Gates regarding policy. She has been at odds with Intelligence regarding whether Al Qaeda is influencing the Libyan rebels or not. She never believed that Egypt was unstable, and she is making noise regarding the arming of these Libyans, whose policies of which we know nothing. All of this takes us far afield from our current economic woes that would be compounded by yet another war, and the ability to reach agreement on a budget. As far as I am concerned, the Republicans should not and must not budge. We have an appointed head (not certain which end) of Homeland Security who cannot secure our borders and is suddenly the first line of defense in the event of a nuclear disaster. How comforting is that? Obama has certainly picked winners right along. I guess his first brackets concerning cabinet appointments and judicial nominations and czar advisers was as wrong and screwed up as his basket ball picks. Obama and his administration are one big SNAFU. No Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter. F.D.R in one of his better speeches declared, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Currently the only thing we have to fear is Obama being re-elected.



  1. ruth Lowy says:

    right on the money

  2. Adolph Crathers

    James Earl Carter, who more than likely would have been more comfortable in the sitcom

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