THE HEADING SPEAKS FOR AN ENTIRE POSTING. If the Guiness Book of Records has a category: HOW MANY LIES CAN YOU TELL IN 26 MINUTES, Obama now holds the worlds record. When he left Brazilia, cha cha cha, Obama went directly to his latest theme park DELUSIONAL LAND. When in his diatribe/professorial lecture last night did he suggest, as Susan Rice (our undistinguished UN ambassador) said, that we will be arming the rebels. It is enough that we have encouraged the fight of a groups of which we know nothing at all. When did the media report all of the atrocities that Obama spoke of last night, thus supporting his yes…o…do…don’t series of action…inaction,,,decision,,,indecision attack on the Libyan government forces. The media was faster to promote lies about Tea Party meetings than the need for “humanitarian” action in Libya. I am certain. we will see plenty of it now with graphics pictures accompanying NBC, CBS, ABC et al morning, afternoon and evening news broadcasts in support of what ever it was that Obama said. It would seem that my satirical speech/write for him was more to the point after listening to his. He took credit, undeserving, for everything and responsibility for nothing. He again found the need to bash George Bush with his uncalled for remarks about the Iraq war. Obama is a phony and has been from the moment he stepped upon the national political stage. He is no less a public relations made-up character than Robert Redford was in the movie “The Candidate”. Obama was a radical leftists egg hatched, years ago in Chicago when politicians were looking for a black man, groomed him and legally or illegally pushed him into the White House where he would do their bidding.

Among the many of his mis-speaks last night, Obama said that NATO would be taking over command on Wednesday. FLASH TO OBAMA….NATO SAID IT WAS NOT YET READY!

If you look at the cast of characters who have been invited into the White House and given the title of adviser to the president or czar with varies duties non of which have been vetted or accepted by Congress, you will find minorities, former terrorists, radicals and people with neither business sense nor interest in furthering the well being of this country. It will take more than a White House cleansing in 2012, it will take a major fumigation.


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