White House Enlists NEA For Propaganda: Is There A New Goebbles In The Wing?

Obama has recruited the NEA, The National Endowment For the Arts to enlists artists to produce propaganda supporting all of his Socialist/Communist programs. This organization is supported by tax payer moneys and was never intended to be used as this president and his cronies now mean to use it.  People, look up the name of Buffy Wicks and her and the NEA’s association with ACORN. Remember that name. It is the same illegal, corrupt, organization sponsored by Obama and for whom he worked as  legal counsel. The American people should be up in arms about the manner in which Obama is using tax payer moneys to support the Democratic national Committee and his programs whose intent is to turn this country into something slightly right of Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela where parents have organized to fight the dictator’s plan to take over the school system. Obama’s diversity henchman, Mark LLoyd, has praised Chavez’ methods. He should be asked to resign in disgrace along with the not so forgotten Van Jones.  Do not allow this administration to turn this country into another Socialist/Communist State. Obama has not told the truth about anything at any time.  All of you misinformed who voted for this man can admit your mistake and raise your voices against him.  It is time to let Obama know that he has little or no support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AS AN ARTIST I AM FURIOUS THAT OBAMA FEELS HE CAN USE THE ARTS TO SUPPORT HIS CAUSE. Call your Congressmen and Senators for the immediate resignation of Mark LLoyd.


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