Obama: The Man Who Would Be Everything To Everyone:

As I continue to follow Obamas never ending performance on TV and Radio, I am reminded of the Orwellian Sci-Fi Movies where the “Glorious Leader” is in everyone’s face non stop.  I have come to the conclusion that he is not as bright as some people think him to be and he has arrived at the political pinnacle as a result of being pushed ahead because of minority status, given privilege not necessarily deserved and molded by ruthless Illinois politicos who felt they had a winner back in the 1980s.  Unfortunately for the people of this country these corrupt people were correct. However, he is a winner only their eyes. One has to wonder what motivated the young, the elderly and most of the Jewish AARP population who assisted in placing this man in his current position of power. I fault all of the aforementioned people by virtue of their abject stupidity that gave them a sense of promise for CHANGE. I doubt very much that this was the CHANGE they expected, because like the radio SHADOW, the glorious leader was able to cloud men’s’ minds.  Then there are the group of mindless people who were “born Democrats” and would never consider voting a different party no matter how corrupt, disgusting or lie ridden that candidate might be. I consider them to be the MOST STUPID portion of the electorate and still am concerned that those fringe voters who gave this man their blessing have not despite all that has been presented by non-biased media allowed their minds to consider the possibility that they might have made a mistake.  This part of the population who will not question the reasons for Obama’s spending upwards of $900,000 in legal fees to block his presentation of birth certificate to the people of the United States absolutely amazes me since they will find any means to justify anything this man does. Now I do not think Obama is as bright as he pretends, since he would not have found the need to surround himself with an array of miscreants for advice. He has had no formal training in leadership unless one wishes to accept whatever his performance was regarding his early participation in ACORN, a disreputable organization, tax exempt of course that has been awarded billions of dollars of our tax payers money to do good deeds, some of which have been recently exposed by two young American heroes.  This pretender states that he wished to level the playing field and has nothing but the strongest desire to pull the poor up to better standards at the expense of the so called rich. Mr. Obama, not the rich. The group that you hope to destroy is the middle class so that they drop to a poverty level that you can control. One has to wonder why someone like you, so concerned with the disadvantaged, thinks nothing of flying in a chef from St. Louis to create pizza for your comrades, or why you have researched and selected the best private schools for your daughters. Are you planning to send the children of the poor, homeless and underprivileged to private schools as well. Mr. Obama you are a HYPOCRITE with a CAPITAL H.   As we listen to you pontificate on subjects with which you clearly are poorly versed, you tend to shade the truth, to a point where I believe that you believe is fact and no longer fiction.  With each passing day and with every tedious appearance, WE THE PEOPLE, whether it be by virtue of the town meetings that your people chose to obstruct or the tea parties that you minimized or the March on Washington that the media in your pocket chose to ignore, who cherish the freedoms that you and your ilk are trying to take away from us, will retire those crooked members of your party in 2010 and make you a one term president in 2012.


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