An army officer and psychiatrist by the name of Nidal Malik Hassan opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas the other day taking the lives of thirteen people and wounding thirty-eight others.  From what has been learned, and the fact this man was heard to utter “Allahu Akbar” just as he opened fire leads me to believe that this was as much a terrorist kill  as if he had strapped a bomb to his chest.  According to reports, this man has been known by his superiors to have argued politics with patients, returning service personnel from Iraq and Afghanistan, whom he was treating and had posted adversarial comments on the internet.  It is this American Abortion known as political correctness that could have allowed this action at Fort Hood to have taken place, by people in high places turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the potential madness harbored by the individual who did the shooting because he was a Muslim. We Americans have to deal with some form of political correctness, so as not to offend any one who may not like what we say, whether in good taste or not, what we wear, or how we might choose to celebrate a holiday. Our people have chosen to celebrate our holidays in many ways from the Christmas tree, the crche to the minora. This has offended some people to the point that they can no longer be displayed in Public Places. If it offends you, look the other way. This country was founded on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, providing new immigrants the freedoms and opportunities they may not have enjoyed in their countries of origin.  I would remind Mr. Obama that America is actually a Judeo-Christian Society without the word Muslim needed to spice it up for political correctness. Now, Mr. Obama, are you willing to tell the American people that you are a practicing Muslim and therefore are offended by what I have just written?  Mr. Obama, this is an English-speaking country that should require visitors and immigrants to learn the language. Actually they should learn English for the sake of doing so. We do not need to be reminded or asked when using the telephone or shopping what language we would prefer to shop with. The answer is always ENGLISH, therefore the question never should have been asked.  Try to get away without speaking French in a Paris or Montreal shop.  There will always be minorities, and we must be respectful of their feelings and needs but not to the point that we change OUR way of life.  We must disallow the minorities from dictating drastic change in our American lifestyles. There cannot be a school holiday for each and every religion/minority. Accept the fact that your child may be on school holiday when major Judeo-Christian holidays occur on the calendar. If you are so offended by it, please be advised that your country of origin awaits your return with few tears shed by the rest of us.  THERE IS NO LONGER ROOM FOR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN ITS CURRENT FORM!!!!!!!ABORT IT!!

Back to the terrible loss of life in Texas. It took Mr. Obama too much time to acknowledge what happened. A retired military man interviewed this morning on Fox made a statement that (paraphrased) “if the shooting had occurred outside a mosque in Detroit, Airforce One would have immediately flown the president there so he could comfort and embrace his Muslim friends”. It fortunately did not happen so I guess we shall never know?  The priorities of this president when it comes to the economy, health care, green house gases and such, unemployment, bailouts, and political correctness are at best bizarre and questionable, When will the media begin understand that they can longer attend to his toilet needs and ask the tough questions over and over again until answers are forthcoming without accepting the BS spin from people of the likes of Robert Gibbs, et al.



  1. Carol Savold says:

    After this dispicable act of murder at Fort Hood yesterday, I waited (for quite a while) to hear what our ‘IMAM in CHIEF’ would have to say. If I am not mistaken, he opened with a speech of praise for “his congress”. He eventually got around to speaking about our country being attacked once again, and our protectors being slaughtered. What a guy!! I cannot even stomach talking about political correctness, so I guess I will go put the pumpkins, evil-eyes, mini prayer rugs, pagan offerings, and little star of Davids on my tree. I used to call it a Christmas Tree.

    • Carol, I appreciate your reply and fully understand the frustration we all are experiencing. I would appreciate your sending my blog reference to as many like minded people and of course Liberals need not apply unless they want be be re-educated. There are so many people out there not necessarily stupid but certainly ignorant of issues such as Cap and Trade and what a financial abyss this health care bill will put us in. I have read 50% of Cap and Trade, and 80% of the Health Bill. It is very unhealthy. The former is a disaster and will ruin all or most of manufacturing. Yes Obama should be impeached. I am not certain that he has a legal right to the presidency by virtue of his TRUe citizenship, but sadly the White House must have gotten to the judge who was to preside over the case in CA in January and he dismissed the case. Grass roots is very important as shown by Hannity and Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. The Fairness doctrine, another abomination must not be passed since it could silence talk radio. We must keep the pressure on, but while doing so enjoy all of our holidays to the fullest in the manner in which we are used to and ignore any and all of the bastards who would like to change them to suit their minority purpose. We do not have to be one voice but many voices and none of them blowing idly in the wind. CALL YOUR REP now and demand that he/she vote NO on health care this evening or risk being voted out of office.

  2. Maxie says:

    There’s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it?

  3. lonny says:

    To follow, without halt, one aim: There’s the secret of success.

    • While erudite, I have approved your comment Lonny, but would appreciate your amplification. Some of my readers may not understand your meaning from what you wrote. Thank you for your comment.

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