How many days shall pass before We The People shall hear Obama utter Allahu Akbar as he formally identifies his preferences and admits his allegiance to the Muslim religion and their extremists who clearly have called for death to all who will not follow the teachings of the Koran? This so-called commander-in-chief of ours had sworn to protect our country and its military, ignored the massacre at Fort Hood yesterday while expressing both babble and misdirected praise to a man he thought had won the Congressional Medal of Honor because he had no idea that this was a military and not a civilian award, His offensive use of HOOD language in praise just showed how  inept and unsophisticated this poor excuse for a president is. For those of us who saw it all from the get go it has become no surprise. I do take issue with all of the FOOLS who still believe that this despicable individual walks on water and call to task all who have not see through this charactature of a man. When it became clear that the “shooter”, a Muslim convert ” had prepared this attack and called out Allahu Akbar prior to unloading his weapon, slaughtering thirteen and wounding thirty-eight innocent service people, Obama stated that “one should not jump to conclusions.” He is either attempting to be politically correct or chooses not to offend his Muslim people. I choose the latter.  I fault this moron some people elected to be our president , but I call to task all who still believe in him and his CHANGe that clearly has not been in the best interest of this country. As far too many people falsely accused George Bush, it is time to call upon this president to either resign or begin in some manner to act presidential. The issue is that he can in no way  conform to the latter is because of an agenda most THINKING PEOPLE comprehend is no longer hidden.

He is a Marxist who has surrounded himself in OUR WHITE HOUSE with self-proclaimed Communists, Socialists, Radicals,and Racists whose only reason for being is to do harm to this country. When will the media really tell it as it is? They are getting close, but not yet have the GUTS to hammer him as he should be hammered for service or lack of, unbecoming  a President of The United States.



  1. Carl says:

    BRAVO !! Nothing more need to be said !!

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