In view of the tack the New York Gubernatorial race has taken, one must take stock of the two characters in the running. The trash is falling faster than it can be cleaned up. Palladino yesterday became overwrought with a reporter from the Post, whom he accused of bringing his ten-year old daughter into the fight. The reporter did not provide a reasonable response for what happened but it was clear that both individuals were irresponsible by the way they dealt with the issue. No one can fault Palladino for becoming upset with what he felt was an invasion of privacy. In most elections, family is generally off limits.(No one has dared to attack the Obama girls character, nor should they). The Post reporter stated that Palladino’s mea culpa about his extra marital indiscretions made his daughter fair game. The reporter has had a superb record in the past, but one has to wonder about Palladino’s charge that the reporter was in Cuomos pocket. Mario Cuomo was/is a gentleman. We are left now with a standoff. Two politicians vying for the same office, both with lots of baggage. It boils down to a loose, but passionate Buffalo business man in favor of less spending, lower taxes and smaller government, versus one (Cuomo) who has no stated business experience, has refused to debate issues, has offered no positions, and who most likely expects to be a shoo in because of his name and political connections. Can we now deal just with the issues? In light of how the American people now mistrust Democrats, I would bet on the passionate businessman from Buffalo who will have to control his temperament in order to be an effective candidate and Governor of a state that still has to rid itself of a self serving Schumer and irrelevant Gillibrand.



  1. Jack Reylan says:

    How dare they call Carl crazy or dangerous after Spitzer and Paterson! Stick a plunger up Cuomolectual Cox Yucker Bloombugger’s nose to relieve his congestion pricing and his metric system. Spray DDT to kill the bedbugs and roaches that infest Manhattan minds. When we were allowed to smoke, TB and bedbugs got fumigated. Parasite Manhattan residents, like Washington DC and exconvicts should not be allowed to vote, unless they want to vote in Europe. Move all the parasite universities to Manhattan and tax all college degrees and net present value of rent control to reduce our property taxes. Require a valid driver license for any employment. Double tax any parasite not working for profit. Build and join rail hubs at Woodside and West Farms to bypass Manhattan. Liberate Long Island City and Brooklyn from over a century of 1898 Tamanend oppression. Move UN, missions, residences to Governor’s Island surrounded by gators. Anyone who shops at Whole Foods must consume at least one of their own organs weekly. Apartment dwellers must consume any vermin found on their premises. Turn Central Park into a smelly green waste processing facility. Firebrand the forehead of anyone having an abortion. Access in and out of subway stations should only be by firepole. David Broder in the Washington Post of July 25, 1984, called Mario Cuomo “one of the most artful manipulators since Machiavelli”. In the May 15, 1984 New York Times B1 Mario Cuomo called civil defense planning (such as might have prevented 9/11) futile “Cuomo said that prayer was the best preparation for a nuclear attack. He also urged everyone to read ‘The Butter Battle Book’ by Dr. Seuss for a clearer understanding of the issues.” Your islamosympathic gutterswabbing clothing and pierced privates spread disease. If you weren’t such baby killing, vermin snuggling perverts you wouldn’t be driving up our health costs, then collecting disability for your commie nutty organizing dementia. Your passive aggressive labor unions grab our guns, cars (congestion pricing), balls (SONDA), wallets, and homes but we will grab your throats and dang you from trailer bone tolls. Second Amendment is the ONLY Homeland Security. Wait until we waste all your stumbent subprimes, so you need to sell your affectation glutton art and work instead of diverting tuition and Y2K scams to soviet freezeniks! Deport immigrants who return to their home country more than once every five years. Lynch soviet wealth fund abetting aghadhimmic peakies when oil plummets! Parasites complain about salaries but pig out on benefits. Aqua volte! This land wasn’t built by bully craps.

    • You have obviously done your homework, and clearly are very angry. After you calm down, would you be willing to concentrate your more positive aspects to promoting those candidates in favor of reduction in taxes,(perhaps a fair tax), legitimate spending, (not necessarily socially orientated), and not less but no corruption in government. The Tea Party, while not a party in the true sense, has expressed both the anxieties and frustrations of America and has candidates all over this country poised to win their elections and win back, the honor that I, you and all Americans(with the exception of the current democratic party) learned to adopt and respect.(when schools taught unbiased history). We must return to basics of family and responsibility. We must reject the handouts that Socialist regimes such as the current one have tried to force upon us, and to invigorate that sense of entrepreneurtship and inquisitiveness and “yes I can” attitude that allowed people to be inventive and productive. The children and grandchildren who will be sorely affected by this administrations illogical but predetermined policies, must rise above text messaging, total TV absorption, and the inability to communicate about politics, the arts (beyond rap) and current affairs, and read beyond pap and inane reality shows. We cannot fail to admonish their parents, who out of convenience have allowed their children to degrade themselves morally, and emotionally. You are an intelligent individual. Take your anger and turn it into exposing the sins of government at every level. Make your voice heard within your community and educate those willing to be educated as to the lies promulgated on a daily basis by both local and federal government. I have authored many posts. If you agree with most or any of their premise, please refer them to all of your friends who are conservative in their thinking and believe our government should/must be returned to the people.

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