YES, nancy, harry, barack, steny, dickie….washington post, GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN WAS CORRECT: THERE IS A DEATH PANEL IN obamacare

Governor Sarah Palin was widely abased and abused, because she had the gall to advise that deep within obamacare, a DEATH PANEL lay hidden among the rest of the criminality pressed upon the American people when cretins like pelosi, reid, hoyer, and the big DICK from Illinois passed legislation they had never bothered to read. With so many of the other ill-gotten gains exposed in obamacare, liberal writers and former liberal candidates and the washington post, now admit that the DEATH PANEL truly does exist. sebelius, who has great difficulty putting two truthful sentences together will oversee the group of 15 appointed, not elected, bureaucrats who will make life and death decisions based upon age, need (their discretion) cost of a procedure. Too many of these decisions will be deferred up to a year, by which time the patient may already have died. It was obama who stated that the decision to provide health care to all was less important than providing health insurance to all. Making a point of citing a close relative with cancer, he questioned the value of therapy provided. Berwick, former CMS czar, and a physician, God help us, believes as does ezekiel emmanuel in euthanasia, and not necessarily just for the very ill, based upon comments attributed to them.

The washington post, no more valid a rag than the new york times, gave Governor Palin X number of Pinocchios, its standard for the amount of lies one tells. There are not enough Pinocchios available, not is there space to list all of them in this liberal bastion partisan journalism.

Instead of sitting around the Thanksgiving table talking up what is “good” in obamacare, of which there are really only one talking point, pre-existing conditions, perhaps everyone should understand its subterfuge. The only real agenda for obamacare, and obama knows it, is the development of a one-payer system, the concentration of power in the White House and democratic party control forever.


2 Responses to YES, nancy, harry, barack, steny, dickie….washington post, GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN WAS CORRECT: THERE IS A DEATH PANEL IN obamacare

  1. What Democrats Really Care About . Obama’s primary objective in his first term was a massive government takeover of the health care system. Once the government controls your health care, it will have a very real life-and-death lever — support liberals, or the death panels will decide you’re too fat or have too many kids or don’t eat right to get the medical care you need.

    • All of the above. The Death Panel that Sarah Palen warned about and I read about when I read the law when it was still a bill is alive and well. This will be obama’s answer to what to do with the very sick, young and old if it is not deemed cost effective to treat them. Under obamacare, if older, and more sickly people have to wait months on end for a treatment, it will solve his money problem. MAYBE? I DOUBT IT. Read the post I will write today.

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