Even though the obama administration has set its current expected number of enrollees lower, it originally hoped to reach 3.3 Million by December 31, 2013. That is not going to happen because the majority of clear thinking, intelligent Americans understand and despise the new healthcare law as much as they do the people who pressed it upon them. The rest of the country remains ignorant and still have their hands out for free stuff. Young, healthy people will not pay the exorbitant fees that they will be charged, opting to pay the fine if the government can catch them. Their monies are needed to make this stupid, destructive project float. It has been learned that the obama administration and or the HHS acting in its behalf are counting the few people who have enrolled, people who have looked at the website when it was opened, people who might have called on the phone when the web site was frequently unavailable, and probably people who were just THINKING ABOUT ENROLLING, and THINKING ABOUT THINKING ABOUT ENROLLING. THE administration and the HHS could just extrapolate numbers using the same creative accounting that provides the unemployment and jobs obtained figures. They have lied just about everything else so why should they be trusted for any information about anything? DOES THIS CONSTITUTE FRAUD? THE INFORMATION REGARDING THE “CREATIVE ACCOUNTING” WAS PROVIDED BY THE LIBERAL WASHINGTON POST. In all other internet transactions, if you have something sitting in your “shopping cart”, it does not constitute a sale until you have finalized it. THIS ADMINISTRATION SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED FOR ANYTHING AND FOR STARTERS GLOBAL WARMING OR THE WEATHER FORECAST.


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