I have previously written posts about obama’s deep-seated anger against white people and particularly white people or anyone of any color for that matter, who have succeeded on their own initiative, because of his own experience having a white mother and black father, both of whom at one time abandoned him. Anyone who has read obama’s first book and perhaps author Jerome Corsi’s interpretation do not have to read between the lines to get an immediate understanding of what obama is all about, why he is the way he is, acts the way he does and what has motivated his agenda to first destroy and then turn this country into a marxist society. Once abandoned obama was easy prey for marxists mentors such as Alinsky and a core of socialists that had taken over Chicago. After years of islamic indoctrination in Indonesia schools and under the influence of a islamic stepfather, it is no wonder that obama has shown his disdain/hatred for the Judeo/Christian ethics upon which the country was founded. Clearly taking on his alleged real father’s cause, he had shown his true colors regarding his repudiation of British colonialism, by immediately returning a bust of Winston Churchill after about 30 seconds of moving into the White House. Such is the anger and hatred that motivates this man erroneously elected the “leader of the free world.”

This morning on Fox, Dr. Keith Ablow, a Boston-based psychiatrist and Fox contributor, gave insight as to issues that have made obama, what he is and why he has reacted in the manner he has regarding the current Congressional impasse. Based upon obama’s history AS WE KNOW IT,OR HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO KNOW IT, obama has inflicted upon himself a self-induced victimization, because of what he perceives as being a member of a minority of HIS ultimate CHOICE. obama has elected as suggested by many, to surround himself with people whom he believes to be not as intelligent nor intuitive regarding the ECONOMY OR FOREIGN policy of this country, because he believes he alone has the answer to everything. Is this merely a character flaw, a severe degree of EGOTISM or perhaps a SEVERE PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER? Ergo, every time anything he does or says is rebuffed by intelligent, clear thinking people, his feathers are ruffled, he takes it personally and verbally attacks his naysayers labeling them terrorists (never against the real ones), anarchists, and an assortment of other poorly chosen words and phrases. The shame of it all is that there still are Americans who believe in what he does and says and has a group of ancient partisans, long over due for retirement from public office such as barbara boxer and charles rangel et al who are willing to kiss his ASS at any given moment, no matter what the consequences might be as long as it in no way adversely affects their own personal monetary gain.

While the blame for the current Washington debacle can be placed upon the shoulders of many, the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual who has based his presidency on so many lies, he has become incapable of understanding the TRUTH.


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