The Republican party must refute all of the lies and all of the propaganda sent out daily from the White House past and present regarding the virtues of obamacare. REALITY CHECK! THERE ARE NO VIRTUES. However, our health care system does need a significant reworking regarding the cost of delivering it. NATIONAL HEALTH AND A ONE PAYER SYSTEM IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT! That is only a socialist ploy, used deceptively by obama and his handlers to further turn the United States into a third world country.

The doctor patient relationship MUST be maintained without interference of government or by uninformed bureaucrats given the task of cost containing by 1. rationing care, 2. denying services such as cancer treatment, joint replacements or pacemakers to our senior citizens, 3. Making life and death decisions for patients without their understanding or approval. The decision as to what treatment, what drugs, and when they must be administered must be that of the patient once advised by his physician and not some quack given the title of czar in the White House. If there is to be a Health and Human Services Cabinet member, it should be someone of quality, consistency and complete knowledge of medical practice, and not the current occupant of that position who has met none of the aforementioned criteria.

There must be tort reform despite the fact that attorneys still chasing ambulances of all sizes and colors will fight this to the death. By lowering the costs of medical liability insurance, except in those instances when particular physicians are found guilty of significant malpractice, and where they alone will suffer the costs of increased premiums by virtue of their actions. Attorneys should, along with their clients, be held liable for foolish claims, and be made to jointly pay the costs to the court and the physician found wrongly accused. Soon there will be fewer neurosurgeons and obstetricians/gynecologists who will be able to afford insurance without charging extraordinary fees to non-medicare patients. More quality physicians will be forced into early retirement.

Medical insurance must be allowed to be purchased across state lines, where it may cause insurance companies to become more competitive, and thus rates to the consumers lowered. While it would appear that denial of health insurance because of pre-existing conditions may appear dire, the extra costs should be shouldered by individuals seeking this relief and not by the entire country.

If young people up to 26 years of age can remain on their parent’s policies, the parents must cover the additional costs and not the rest of the country.

There must be some incentive for young people to go into medicine. Currently there is none. The patient load that will be pressed upon primary care physicians will be so oppressive, both patients and physicians will suffer drastically.

Reducing the number of hospitals that serve local communities is not the answer, but allowing the hospital to broker legitimate compensation from insurance companies, by not having the latter intimidate or threaten physicians participating in their programs will allow these community hospitals to thrive and provide needed services. Physicians and hospitals will need to partner to provide better care at lower costs.

The cost of certain procedures such as arthroscopy and “exotic” surgery must be contained since they are the reason for the escalation of costs over the past 30 years, without the increase in malpractice premiums. Yes the system has been milked by certain specialties, but the AMA, and various state medical societies has allowed it to happen by looking the other way.

Physicians should be rewarded for reducing the need for hospitalizations, reducing the length of stay of patients in hospital, limiting the number of consultants to those absolutely necessary , and giving serious consideration to the drugs that are prescribed as to need and cost. In turn our FDA should be revamped. There must be more serious consideration as to the more immediate use of drugs developed overseas depending upon their need, safety and efficiency, and not dictated to by lobbyists from various pharmaceutical companies.

Making two-thirds of the insured American people pay for the one-third allegedly non-insured is untenable and unconstitutional. No one is turned away from hospital emergency rooms. Even those who have come to this country illegally, immediately know how to work the system by applying for food stamps, unemployment, free phones and what ever this administration is willing to provide for their vote, legally or illegally.

These are the realities of obamacare: increased costs, denial of services,denied hospitalizations, rationing of services, denial of outpatient surgeries, limited time with a physician if any at all, denial of pharmaceuticals, loss of jobs, loss of income, and yes America….THERE IS A DEATH PANEL



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