Everything the current White House occupant says or does has nothing to do with the improvement of the healthcare delivery system, the driving of the economy, the provision of jobs to the unemployed and an absurd foreign policy. IT IS ALL ABOUT obama and nothing else. The sad thing is that his followers who anointed him, are so still excited about voting into office the first black president, not once but twice, they remain blind to the fact that obama really hates being black as suggested by his writings in at least one of books attributed to him. This should infuriate most if not all of the Afro-American population but clearly has not. obama’s plans to destroy America has become evident by his daily destruction of the United States Constitution, a document he pledged at least twice to uphold, on a book that was allegedly the Holy Bible, his undermining of the U.S. economy and wasteful spending of tax payer money under the ruse of “FAIRNESS”.

Anyone who has taken the time to research any or all of the absurdity known as the “affordable healthcare act” knows now how destructive this law will be to every individual who might at some time need health care. In order to get acceptance from the American people, he told one lie after another, about its cost, the availability of insurers, and whether one would be able to keep their current insurance, doctor and hospital. The ego of this man is so great, he either is totally absorbed by all of the lies he has told, all of his lifetime, doesn’t care, or conceivably both.

Yes, there is a DEATH PANEL, by any other name, call it what you will, composed of 15 obama appointed bureaucrats, who will decide who when and how once will or will not receive medical care. If you have the misfortune to develop cancer over the age of 70, it is possible you might be denied cancer treatment. The only thing that might reduce health costs is killing off the chronically ill elderly population. HELLO “SOYALENT GREEN”.

obama’s socialist/communist/progressive handlers really want a one payer system ergo National Health, and continue to have their obama puppet on a string attempt to disguise their real intentions. The Republican House is attempting to defund those portions of obama care currently still in play. Even if the old corrupt fool reid would allow the latest bill to come to the Senate floor, obama would veto and tell the public that “THE REPUBLICAN”S MADE HIM DO IT!” I say “still in play” since it is only those portions of the law, obama has not delayed in an attempt to placate unions and the general public because of the mid-term election of November 2014. The Supreme Court might tell, IF ASKED, that everything obama has done to the law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

WHEN WILL AMERICA’S BLACK POPULATION GET OVER THEIR UNFOUNDED ENTHUSIASM AND SEE HOW DESTRUCTIVE THEIR “BRO” IS, or are they just too ignorant to EVER comprehend that he never rose above community organizer.

Considering all of the recent talk about security clearances, was the current White House occupant ever appropriately vetted?


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