“Representative????” elija cummings d(Md): THE BEST EXAMPLE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AT ITS WORST:

“Representative???” elijah cummings from Maryland’s 7th district and currently sitting as a RANK member of Chairman Darryl Issa’s House committee investigating a score of obama administration scandals, must have been a recipient of affirmative action, one of the most offensive entitlements ever to be awarded undeserving individuals that have been awarded minority status. There is no other explanation for the abject stupidity and partisanship he has shown with his obama protective comments during and outside of committee proceedings. What other reason can one find for this person to be sitting as an elected member of the House of Representatives, other than he has been repeatedly placed there by a brain-dead electorate. He will continue to be re-elected by cretins who reside in Maryland, because they vote color and not intelligence. How embarrassing it must be for great patriots of African-American decent who must listen to the garbage spewed by such individuals as cummings on national television. Any one can watch these hearings on CSpan by just checking the channel listings to watch “our government at work”.


2 Responses to “Representative????” elija cummings d(Md): THE BEST EXAMPLE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AT ITS WORST:

  1. Carl Van Wagenen says:

    I note with interest that the Mayor of Washington, DC, has declared that it is one of the safest cities in America. I think perhaps he is getting his IQ pills from former Mayor Marian
    Berry of crack cocaine fame, and perhaps he’s getting his political lessons from Elijah Cummings. God help us all by the time the Obama administration finishes with us.

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