This past weekend, while many Syrians as well as U.N. observers were either attacked with conventional weapons or gassed, obama thought his presidential entitlement, entitled him to spend five hours on the golf course with huge cost of taxpayer money because of the entourage that accompanied him. THE WORLD WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE RESPECT FOR THIS COUNTRY. This president obviously believes that the presidency is one huge entitlement that he is so deserving of, apparently told to him every morning as he looks into the mirror. What he should see but does not is that he is fraud and a liar. And millions of Americans(?) do not see him in that light as well since they have their hands out for more free stuff, because they have been convinced that they are as entitled as he is. Are they no better than WHORES soliciting on dark corners for money in exchange for favors ($$$$$) such as their VOTES, that have been legally or illegally obtained. It is hard to convince a group of prostitutes both male and female of the error of their ways, but it is critical to make the rest of the population, democrats and Independents understand that they made a HUGE MISTAKE PUTTING THE “ENTITLED ONE” BACK IN OFFICE, giving him another four years to destroy this country. It is urgent that Republicans/Conservatives and everyone else who loves this country understand that they had better take stands on principle whether or not they might lose a few votes as a result. The thugs who have infiltrated the democratic party will use their own personal whores to deflect their own inequities. The idea that Republicans not funding obamacare, will cause a government shutdown is idiotic. obama’s VETO OF ANY SUCH LEGISLATURE MIGHT CAUSE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN, WHATEVER THAT MEANS. NO DIFFERENT THAN obama’s OWN SEQUESTER BEING BLAMED ON REPUBLICANS. WHEN YOU HAVE YELLOW JOURNALISM ON YOUR SIDE, WHETHER VIA THE PRINTED WORD, THE AIRED MEDIA OR THE INTERNET, IT WOULD SEEM THAT YOU CAN TELL ANY LIE AND HAVE IT MADE INTO A BASTARD TRUTH.

2014 and 2016 are critical election years. MAKE YOUR LEAGALLY OBTAINED BALLOTS COUNT!


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