obama arrived unexpectedly(to everyone but obama himself) at the White House Press “CORPSE” briefing, and spoke extemporaneously, with a prepared script, (WINK,WINK,WINK) about his personal response to the George Zimmerman trial verdict. Let us not forget that a jury of 6 women found Zimmerman not guilty, despite the inflammatory speeches by such race-baiters as sharpton, jackson, assorted illiterates in the U.S. Congress, the n.a.a.c.p, and the current head of our justice department, holder. obama made the story more about himself than the boy who was killed in Sanford, Florida 16 month ago. Martin, who was pictured as a sweet, wholesome teenager by the media and those who wished to hide the fact that, in truth, he had become more adult than child and one who had been suspended by his high school, for alleged theft, marijuana possession and destruction of public property, hence his presence in Sanford, staying with his father’s GIRLFRIEND.

obama’s words further inflamed too many of the black community, already invigorated against a legal verdict, it refuses to accept, because it believes it has more rights than other citizens, who are notably white. Instead of making an attempt to ease the tension,by suggesting that a dialogue in the community that encouraged family structures with fathers marrying mothers, thus taking greater responsibility in the moral development of the child, by mentioning the fact that Chicago crimes were mainly black against black and needed addressing, he fanned the flames of racism by interjecting himself into the matter, and by further suggesting that changes in some laws, totally irrelevant was the way of thew future, along with more or complete gun control.

How much of obama’s need for yet another distraction comes on the heels of further investigation into Benghazi, (Hillary Clinton’s idea of old news about four already dead people), the IRS scandal(s), the NSA probing of American lives, and the still to be answered questions about why Fox News reporter James Rosen and his family were singled out. Let us not forget the Snowden incident with obama’s handling of Russia and our involvement in Syria.

Was it just coincidental that obama chose Friday, the day before sharpton’s call for mass demonstrations against citizens and businesses in major cities. Who will receive the brunt of these demonstrations. As usual the black community more than the white community since it better serves the purpose of sharpton along with certain, if not all of the members of the administration, hell-bent on fomenting social unrest and CLASS WARFARE.


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