A number of questionable benefits will definitely be derived from obamacare, that goes under the delusional name of the Affordable Health Care Act.

1. Government underwritten assisted suicide: In addition the more traditional Kervorkian-like efforts, some will come as an adjunct and complimentary “perk” as determined by the UnHealth and Inhuman secretary, Sebelius.
2. Death by decree has been made possible by 15 obama appointed bureaucrats who will make life and death decisions based upon number crunching and cost effectiveness.
3. Death by poorly trained, overworked medical doctors obtained from 3rd world countries and sent into the system with no deep knowledge of medicine or the needs of the patient they will assist to expire.
4. Fewer hospitals will be available to provide even poor care since the majority will have already been closed due to bankruptcy secondary to all of the government regulations, fees and penalties that can be found by patient ombudsmen in the 20,000 or more pages of new regulations, never read by Congress.
5. New research into life saving drugs will be held to a minimum other than by those pharmaceutical companies that contribute heavily to defeat Republican candidates as directed by the DNC.
6. Medical schools will close because of lack of candidates other than those chosen by virtue( or lack their of) by affirmative action collecting of people from inner city chicago, detroit or los angeles.
7. Unexplained deaths will remain unexplained and will be included in a now defunct investigation once known as “The Benghazi Syndrome”. All records regarding these matters will be sealed lest administration in power is forced to answer questions still unanswered.
8. The cost of providing prostheses of any kind to civilians or for members of the military will be so prohibitive that the new source of individual transportation will be a wooden crate with wheels not unlike the one used by PORGY in Gershwin’s opera PORGY AND BESS.
9. The only individuals who will continue to have adequate, luxury health care will be the idiots in Congress who passed obamacare and will be exempt from participating.
10. A packet of Trojans will be by executive action, inserted in all altars replacing every religious statue and icon, allowing people such as sandra fluck to show their gratefulness for the wonderment and benevolence of government gone berserk.


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