Politicians, not to exclude Republicans who have been re-elected so many times some how believe they have become omnipotent and not subject to question concerning things about which they may be very passionate. Case in point is senator diane feinstein in her recent verbal joust with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in a recent Senate hearing on Gun Control. Feinstein just has been in the Senate too long and no longer understands that longevity does not correlate with total acceptance of what she may believe in. It is time to do away with the GOOD OLE BOY Senate, and this must include “good or bad” ole broads who are no longer relevant, who must understand that the younger members of the Senate have also been elected and do have a voice and a greater responsibility to their constituents than they have to an overbearing, finger-pointing angry woman who has outlived her contribution to this country, that is if she ever has made any contribution of significance. Being re-elected time and time again is not necessarily due to genius of the politician as it is due to the stupidity of his or her voter block. With few exceptions california has sent more repetitive garbage to the U.S. Congress, perhaps than Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, and Maryland. I am surprised that people like Charles Krautheimer for one, was upset with the manner in which Senator Cruz reacted to feinsteins condescending diatribes. Literally telling Senator Cruz to sit back and shut up is just another example of the old school of politicians that will no longer be tolerated. It is this kind of condescension and cow towing reaction that gave us obama.


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