BUMBLEFOOPITIS has now been declared a real disease by the CDC having had five years to study and explore its devastating potential. Unfortunately, 50% , perhaps, of the legal voting American public chose on November 6, 2012 to allow it to run its course. The disease entity named for the current White House occupant, now can be easily diagnosed by virtue of any one or all of its pernicious symptoms. Its scientific name Blamus opportunis was first associated with something called The Munchhausen syndrome named after a European baron unable to tell the truth about anything, but its ability to mutate and propagate has made it insidious enough to infect just about everyone in political life, particularly leftist liberal democrats and their leader President Bumblefoop. Sadly, it has an immediate effect upon newly minted congress people upon their swearing in to uphold the United States Constitution. A secondary condition known as “finguscrossus” has been noted during the latter ceremony.

Having undergone scrutiny and scientific investigation over the past 5 years, the following symptoms define the illness making diagnosis relatively simple for anyone possessing a brain, a modicum of common sense and something once known as good ole American ingenuity. Sadly with regard to many citizens of this country, the former two are severely lacking and the latter has all but disappeared, leading to dependency on government for everything except someone to wipe their arses. This will soon be forthcoming as well, unless a potential sequealae known as constipatum sequestorum becomes an obstructive factor.

Other symptoms of significance are 1. Evidence lack of leadership. 2. Inability to take responsibility for actions. 3. Avoid confrontations by running from issues. 4. Place blame on everyone in the Republican party for one’s own transgressions. 5. Inability to tell even one truth about anything. 6. Avoiding any sensible response to crisis self manufactured. 7. Create as many false crisis as possible and demand a state of panic. 8. Make racial issues real or imagined a daily feed to a bias thirsty media. 9. Unsuccessfully attempt to rise above self-created class warfare. 10. Accept as much money as possible from people detested and then tax the hell out of them. 11. Never allow any form of criticism. 12. Establish a state of government dependency from which the FOLKS may not choose to escape. 13. Underscoring the false impression of global warming while using tax payer money for destined to fail green enterprises. 14.- 1000.

The major symptom however derives from the name of the illness BUMBLEFOOPITIS where narcissism underscores belief in personal omnipotence, leading to an explosive discharge of hot air and other digestive by-products suggesting the need for shovel ready employment. Based upon this, those infected readily claim the creation of at least 4 Million jobs, none of which can be substantiated. In at least one Caribbean nation, the word bumblefoop may carry a much different connotation


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