The theoretical value of promoting alternative energy and the purchasing of electric cars is outweighed by the lies promulgated by the obama administration and the president himself in his unlimited capacity to distort the truth. No one will argue the fact that if a vehicle can meet the standards required for electric cars and or hybrids, can be manufactured and sold at a price that is fair and reasonable, and can be driven and maintained, safely and at a cost people can afford, it should be given due consideration. The justification falsely provided for the need to switch from fossil fuels to such alternate energy as wind and solar is based upon the assumption already disputed by scientists not paid off by the government that such a thing as global warming exists.

What might be the pros and cons regarding the development of electrically fuel-efficient vehicles that will provide safe transportation? The current cost of totally electric vehicles is prohibitive for most Americans other than all of those fat cats obama demeans while accepting their contributions. Without mentioning their names such cars while relatively small and not family adaptive currently will cost from $35,000 to $150,000 depending upon the size of the battery which will determine to actual amount of mileage the vehicle will travel on a complete charge. This is a huge investment despite the fact that it has been suggested that will be an “enormous saving” in fuel charges, for either totally electric or hybrid cars. The current vehicle enjoying the richer price tag will require the installation of a dedicated charger in your garage. The lower priced vehicle, touted by obama, requires charging for 8-12 hours albeit on your home 120V receptacle but what we are not told is the cost of meeting federal and state requirements and all of the taxes added by municipalities for the privilege. In all likelihood, what ever might be saved with the Oregon standard of 6 cents per Kilowatt hour, will be eaten up by state and federal taxes indiscriminately collected to make up for the excessive taxes already charge for gasoline and home fuel because of an anticipated decrease in consumption of the former. Undoubtedly the powers that be will find a way to increase taxes and cost for the latter. The state of california already increase gasoline taxes by 3 cents a gallon, making 70 cents per gallon for taxes the norm. We need the Keystone Pipeline. The current cost of electric power depends upon the state in which you live.

The current “cheaper” all-electric vehicles might get the driver to a distance of 40 miles which is great assuming that he or she has to travel, daily, only that distance. If the car cannot make it back to the home for charging, there might be “charging stations” made available that will surely work for profit and not for the car owner. During any period of charging, the car is not able to be driven. Hybrid owners will feel yet more pain at the pump since the aforementioned taxes will go into effect as soon as the federal government sees the tax depletion and fuel companies refuse to absorb extra costs and decrease in profits.

It is conceivable that with the all-electric motor, since there are fewer moving parts, service will be easier to perform, but only if there are people trained to provide that service convenient to where the consumer lives. More than likely the biased liberals advocating all-electric cars, live in cities and do not own or never owned a vehicle, and unless they had to rent one, have no concerns about the cost of gasoline.

obama would rather not offend the environmentalist fringe that he has promised so many concessions, and while doing so has wasted billions of tax payer dollars on fraudulent solar and wind companies that have supported his campaigns. Truth be told, obama has always maintained he wants America to become a European like state with terrible and costly health care, and fuel prices at $5.00 per gallon. ONLY A IDIOT democrat WILL AGREE WITH THAT PREMISE.

Right now with our current economic failures, high rate of unemployment, excessive costs for food staples, all attributed to obama, the consideration of developing electric cars should be left to the automotive industry, at their own cost and not supplemented with tax payer dollars to appease obama’s favorite union bosses, but we need truths about the real cost of electricity which is still for the most part provided by another industry obama has tried to destroy…THE COAL INDUSTRY.


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