Every irrational, and frightened democrat with exception of the illiterati are scrambling to find a way to justify and negate all of the lies told by their leader, barack HUSEIN obama. It is sad that they will find a semblance of justification from the ignorant who have winter homes in and around Fleishmans, NY and while not physically deprived as they are politically and mentally deprived, ski at Belleayre Mountain. Most of these individuals, otherwise reasonable and caring members of the winter ski community have absolutely no ability to think for themselves having been either brainwashed by obama propaganda or currently receiving perks as a result of union participation, as teachers, if they have still employment and by virtue of food stamps, or other free stuff if they do or do not have employment. The great many of them were born in the early or late 1930s, subjected to socialist ideology, grateful for their birthright as democrats and forever unable to have one single independent thought. I was born during that period as well and pride myself that I have been able to override the propaganda all of them have gratefully absorbed and are willing to propagate as the only truth. God help this country if they propagate their ideas. Thank God (with deference to the few agnostics and atheists) most are well beyond sexual propagation (something smells good about FREE CONTRACEPTION). We have only to worry about their progeny, hopefully not totally brainwashed.


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