It would seem that the basis for the manner in which obama’s handlers try to attempt, and (sic) successfully manipulate the mind of the American public can be found in a treatise by Edward Bernays entitled “Crystallizing Public Opinion”. Despite the fact that this was first written some 90 years ago, its message and meaning remain current and decidedly useful as the premise for what we call Public Relations. In an introduction by Stuart Ewen, the reader is introduced to certain premises that would define the modern day need for both an expert in public relations as well as the development of the science of Social Psychology. We do not know exactly how much influence Sigmund Freud had on Bernays, but must nevertheless assume that the former’s studies of the unconscious and powers of suggestion provided areas which Bernays was able to evaluate and expand as it provided insight in how to control public opinion.

It was imperative for both business and people of political ambition to acquire the tools of mass persuasion, and did so by studying human emotion and the manner in which public opinion might be consolidated, by radio, the media and certainly word of mouth. Clearly the process has evolved successfully considering the huge amount of monies spent on commercials for sports events and obviously for creating the illusion and fantasy that a black man from Chicago’s streets could be elected president of the United States. The latter still remains an illusion that requires a great deal of study. It was concluded around the time of WWI that the American people were so stupid, that they posed a threat to the “democratic movement” and the hierarchy of the government. Public relations can be used for both ethical and non-ethical purpose, and the latter has become dominant as seen in our electoral process, the manner in which people are more accepting of the worst decisions made by elected officials, because of something known as a herd mentality. A prime example is our current health care law and the huge waste of money given to obama contributors for failed solar and other green projects. Their mantra is to viciously attack with lies, anyone at odds with them, while avoiding any suggestion or admission that they have failed as human beings. Thus the masterful destruction of a good man Mitt Romney.

The people have always been subjected to the influence of illusions, where the tools of persuasion effects ones unconscious and drives the powers of suggestion as demonstrated by Dr. Freud so many years ago. When a crowd is overly influenced by illusion, it becomes its master, and what ever destroys the illusion once ensconced, now becomes an evil enemy. Can we suggest this as a reason why so many Americans voted twice for obama and become angered when anything he does, as terrible as it may be is questioned? The president handlers have mastered the art of crowd manipulation and mass psychology as evidenced by the array of people in hard hats, men in white coats and people in military dress who have been placed behind obama when he speaks. Added to this is the too often use of so-called anecdotal story about the common people who just adore the White House occupant. Do not forget the Greek columns at his annointment.

The herd instinct is evidenced in the need of the crowd to be approved by and accepted into the social group. The prime example of this is the untoward support Hollywood affords obama for both financial and affectionate reward. Ergo Mrs. obama’s forced entry into Oscar night. Walter Lippman echoed other’s belief that only the “elite” can effectively rule. Following this strategy, obama, his czarists and other assorted group of “elitists” now follow a program to keep the people uninformed with lies, innuendoes, illusions, distractions and most important of all entitlements.

We thinking Americans have constantly asked the question. “Why do our friends who are Americans and seemingly intelligent, buy into everything our government feeds them as truths, such as sequestration, taxing the rich, solar energy electric cars, cap and trade, global warming, the murders in Benghazi, and Fast and Furious just to mention a few of the best of the worst. The answer lies somewhere in the previous paragraphs, I believe, where an attack on their own personal universe, does not allow them to understand that that there is yet another universe out there; one to which they are afraid to belong.


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