The number of uniformed, disinterested, born democrats, who currently are doing just fine(they think) is remarkable. Having just returned from the Pee Wee Hockey Tournament held in Quebec City, Canada, I can look back on some of the comments made by at least one of the parents with whom I discussed a limited amount of politics. It must be said that in order to keep one’s child or children in ice hockey competition, an almost unlimited amount of money must be available. Now the whole idea of competition, generally is at odds with most liberal thinking, since the so-called leveling of the playing field is primary. Also, according to obama, who condemns these same wealthy people who crazily support his every effort to destroy this country, the rich must pay dearly for having the ingenuity to acquire the wealth, that he greedily accepts from them along with their vote. These same individuals who claim that they were born into democratic households cheer their children on to WIN at all odds. This is at odds with the liberal/progressive principle that there can be no winners or losers, and every one has to be “equal”. Even in communist Russia, some are more “equal than others.” This is the direction that obama is leading us, and these rich liberals, cannot find the way to think independently, not follow party line and spew other than liberal/progressive propaganda. I find it phenomenal that educated people have not the minds of their own to make decisions not scripted for them by liberal demagogues. This is not the democratic party of JFK. This is not Camelot, since nothing that occurred during those 1000 days, suggested that communism and or socialism or Woodrow Wilson’s progressivism was the direction this country should take. And now with billions of tax payer dollars wasted by obama on his failed energy programs, and his failure to allow Americans to become independent of foreign oil, this closet socialist is being cheered and heralded for a ???job, well done????, by these same morons who cannot think for themselves. One has to wonder when the hammer comes down upon them, will they still applaud the current occupant of the White House for taking the money that they need to keep up the life styles they currently enjoy, such as keeping their children in a sport as expensive as ice hockey. Gasoline will soon reach $5.00 a gallon. BUT I GUESS, RIGHT NOW THEY CAN AFFORD TO PAY IT.BUT FOR HOW LONG?


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