al gore and al jazera………..PURRFECT TOGETHER! FORMER V.P. AND EVER THE HYPOCRITE HAS SOLD his INTEREST IN A “RADIO STATION” TO THE islamic fundamentalist al jazera NETWORK.

Fat al gore, reportedly has fattened his bank account with his alleged sale of a radio network that he had total or partial interest in to the islamic fundamentalist supporting al jazera network, allowing the latter to become a player in the United States. With the understanding that his taxes would be far higher because of his buddy obama and his liberal leftist friends insistence upon raising taxes in 2013, gore fattened his wallet by allegedly selling out before the end of 2012. This is the same hypocrite who undeservedly was honored with an academy award by hollywood for the global warming propaganda film, but hollywood rewards all kinds of CRAP, doesn’t it! Additionally, since it is believed that al jazera could be funded by Iranian oil dollars and possibly al qaeda, it underlines what type of individual the former vice president and THANK GOD never president really is, of there ever was any doubt. DO NOT FORGET ALL OF THE DIRTY MONEY he ALLEGEDLY EARNED WITH his CARBON CREDITS SCAMS. BUT THEN AGAIN, he IS A liberal leftist democrat.


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