hillary clinton IS A COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: IN 2016 REMEMBER BENGHAZI

hillary clinton’s contribution to diplomacy, if there have been any, have been totally negated by the cowardice she has shown regarding her “refusal” to sit before elected representatives of the United States and explain her role in the Benghazi miscalculation or “systemic error” that took the lives of four brave Americans. If clinton cannot function adequately enough, because of the alleged “concussion”, she should resign now lest she act in any way, “undiplomatically”, to jeopardize the security of this country any further than has already been done. Let’s not forget her husband, who left more than a stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress when he stained the office of the presidency, by lying about this sexual dalliance. Yet there are millions of equally cowardly democrats who would gladly put another clinton the White House. After all, they voted at least twice for obama. IN 2016, INTELLIGENT AMERICA MUST REMEMBER BENGHAZI. WE ARE ALREADY IN THE TOILET AS A COUNTRY, ECONOMICALLY AND MORALLY. LET’S NOT HAVE THE liberal democrats FLUSH IT!


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