In 2008, obama won the presidency for a number of reasons, non of them expressively rooted in intelligence, common sense or reason. It was cool for young people and certainly most members of the black community to elect a black man, less for his qualifications or background than it was to remind Americans of the history of slavery and its need compensate for tremendous guilt. Despite the fact that obama was a democrat, those who voted for him conveniently forgot that the democratic party was the party of slavery during the civil war and only sometime after Lyndon Johnson’s forced Great Society did southern members of Congress, such as Robert Byrd, perhaps break ties with the Ku Klux Klan. Running against an older statesman, although a war hero and once a prisoner of war, obama with no military history or service, won readily because he was younger, made promises never to be kept and chose to be black. Because this country was involved in two wars that were draining the treasury and seemingly with no end, it was easy for so many people, angry with George W. Bush to vote against the Republican nominee, John McCain. McCain chose as his running mate, a forceful young woman Sarah Palin, a Governor of Alaska, who was ridiculed for her assertiveness and made the brunt of jokes on so-called comedic television shows, from which too many young people chose to collect their news. On the other hand obama chose joe biden, who has not in any way given credence to the belief that either he or obama should be re-elected.

President barack hussein obama began his presidency by blaming George W. Bush, continued on through the entire four disastrous years for all of this country’s economic woes, while never taking any responsibility for his own ineffectiveness, incompetence and unpreparedness for the office to which he was elected. The need for increased narcissism took the place of leadership, because the only way such a flawed individual can survive was to lead from behind and place blame for his failures upon the shoulders of others.

obama, intent upon forcing socialized medicine down the American collective throat, with the assistance of goons such as reid and pelosi and the accord of a democratic, partisan Congress, none of whom ever read the bill called Affordable Health Blah Blah Blah, nevertheless voted for it and obama in all of his glory, surrounded by a collection of human anecdotes signed it into law. Fortunately, his attempt to do the same with something as grievous called Cap and Trade never reached his desk. Unfortunately, he used his pen to sign executive orders, giving more power to the EPA which has in the past four years created enough pressure to destroy the coal industry which contributes to affording ninety percent of our source of electricity. Instead obama, catering to his base of environmentalists, gambled tax payer money on wind and solar energy companies that failed before they produced one usable product. obama promoted the electric car, produced by a company that should have gone into bankruptcy instead of being the recipient of huge amounts of stimulus money, most of which remains unpaid back to the taxpayers who footed the bill. obama could never admit that it was coal, the industry he wanted to fail, that would produce the electricity to run his toy car. The manufacturer of the batteries for this vehicle, recently failed as well. In an attempt to perpetuate the lie, that sales of the car had increased some 7-14%, he did not tell the American people who the government purchased most of the electric vehicles. Adding insult to injury, as gas prices continued to double since he took office, he refused to allow construction of the Keystone Pipeline while providing additional subterfuge for vague justifications.

On assuming office, obama did, despite his denials, make an apology tour to anyone who would listen, but particularly directed toward the muslims of the Middle East, demeaning this great country of our and everything it stood for. He refused to wear a flag lapel pin and rarely provided anything resembling being presidential at times when the National Anthem was played or during the recitation of our Pledge of Allegiance.

obama pledged to be the epitome of non-partisanship, vowing to unite the country with as many platitudes that could possibly fit on two teleprompters, but instead sowed the seeds of racism and class warfare, by pitting the poor against the not so poor, fanning the fires on a daily basis with the help of his assorted collection of handlers. In a totally undisguised manner, seen by all except for the ignorant who believed his every lie, he advanced his socialist agenda, having been well taught by radicals such as ayers and wright and mentored by the likes of alinsky, piven and karl marx. Continuing on this theme, this so-called Christian, did away with National Prayer Day, but hosted parties for the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House.

Approximately a month ago, four brave Americans, one of whom was the American Ambassador to Libya, was allowed to be murdered by Islamic terrorists, two words obama and his horde are afraid to speak openly. But in addition to refusing requests for additional security that might have prevented the attacks, obama, biden and panetta, allegedly watched in real time the attacks and murders of the American heroes, and then made a weak attempt to cover up what happened through more lies told on a daily basis and blamed it on a video. NO ONE BELIEVED THEM! obama has no foreign policy other than appeasement, shown by his refusal to take a firm stand against Iran’s nuclear capability and a strong stand behind our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. But in a frequent burst of narcissism, obama will tell all who will listen that “he killed bin laden.” biden has used the sound bite “bin laden is dead and GM is alive”, but GM is floundering and Ambassador Chris Stevens is dead along with three other Americans. obama cannot run on his record because it is ABOMINABLE. In his stumps around the country, he comes across as a man in a blackened mood, continually on the attack.

It would take days to complete the dossier of the obama failures and the election of a new president is only hours away. One can only hope that the IGNORANT will suddenly have an epiphany and change their vote to Romney, and that most blacks will vote CONSCIENCE and not COLOR. With the true unemployment percent, unfudged and unspinned by obama and his handlers at more than 10%, Americans will hopefully understand, before it is too late that four more years of obama would completely destroy this country.

obama has never been forthcoming about his school records and in what manner his education was funded at Occident, Columbia or Harvard. A document surfaced after three years purported to be his birth certificate, but many believe that it is as much a fraud as the person whose name appears at the top. FIVE HUNDRED ADMIRALS AND GENERALS ARE SUPPORTING MITT ROMNEY AS WELL AS SOME OF THE MAJOR NEWSPAPERS IN THIS COUNTRY, BUT YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW IT WATCHING nbc,cbs or abc. It is no wonder that democrats allegedly made attempts to remove the ability of our military from voting early or by absentee ballot. We have to hope that the number of dead democrats and those who vote multiple times in multiple states or communities will not take an election away for Mitt Romney. VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN AND FOR ALL OF THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR HOUSE AND SENATE.



  1. Looks like incompetence and socialism trumps leadership and capitalism. We will never take this country back towards liberty from this point.

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