In May of this year a speech Mitt Romney gave to constituents, or an edited portion thereof was filmed by an obama lover and this week released in an effort to discredit the GOP candidate for president. Romney, the most press vetted candidate has presented a clear choice between him and the least of at all vetted presidents this country has ever had. The biased media had a field day painting Romney an enemy of the poor, despondent and the most senior of our countries citizens. Romney spoke the truth when he stated that 47% of potential voters would vote for the incumbent because of their dependency on government, a need that the democrats desire to enlarge, increase and make permanent. He did not in any way include or disparage all senior citizens, many of whom earn a living on their hard-earned investments or still are part of the work force and pay income and payroll taxes. The majority of people on the dole, legal and or illegal residents of this country, pay no taxes and receive “tax relief?” of some kind in addition to an assortment of goody giveaways that they will not relinquish lest they be forced to go out and get a job. Despite the democratic pension to abort living beings no matter what the circumstances, obama and his horde encourages more pregnancies to single mothers since they will be recipients of yet more tax payer money and provide more potential votes for their illogical destructive causes. I would remind you that 50 million people receive food stamps, an increase of 50% since obama took office. How many of these recipients really qualify? The democrats are unconcerned with fact finding with regard to that amount of fraud and waste.

Romney believes in free enterprise as the wheel that drives our economic system. obama believes that we should adopt the European socialist economic system that has failed. One just has to look at Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy just to name of few of the countries that are on the brink of failure, if not already failed. In a speech, early in his career as a community organizer, and aired by Fox and none of the other media, obama clearly stated his belief in the redistribution of wealth, and has repeated this in discourse with Joe the Plumber as well as in his many diatribes where he has attempted to divide this country, promoting class warfare. he cannot run on his economic record since it has been a disaster. He has promoted “his killing of osama bin ladin” ad infinitum, and underscored his belief that a small-minded movie from Hollywood of all places has led to the killing of our ambassador to Libya whose dead body was abused and dragged through the streets by a people who place no value on life. To date he has made no comment about that, but allowed for some obscure reason our dreadful UN spokeswoman to further create an illusion that obama’s foreign policy has had nothing to do with the Mid East uprisings.

obama wants to keep the American people stupid, unengaged and just lovin every moment of his “great smile”. Only this way will the people from Woodstock, NY, Boca Raton, Florida and people from towns in Oregon, Washington state, Rhode Island, Maryland and Virginia remain blinded to the terrible plan he has in store for the United States, and will continue to enjoy their ignorance and vote again for this socialist/communist, because “HE WILL NEVER DO ‘THAT’ TO THEM!” PLEASE RECONSIDER WHAT “THAT” COULD BE.” Just look back in history to the early stages of the second world war and perhaps make a better decision.


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