THE 2012 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM obama: HOW CAN WE NOT RECALL nero, pontius pilate, ghenghis kahn, adolph hitler, joseph stalin, fidel castro….THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

When in the course of “human events” it becomes essential for a people, democrats and Republicans alike, to dissolve quasi-political attachments that have separated them because of vague partisan associations, and to accept among the powers of the earth, not including the forced misconceptions regarding an al gore money-making scheme called Global Warming, further encouraged by the current government with tax payer money for failed and soon to fail, so-called “green job” promotions to and for said “green companies”, owing an unnatural and most likely illegal association/allegiance to said government, in an attempt to alter the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them ( separation of Church and State), causing we, a once free people to demand reinstatement of the liberties fought for and won by virtue of many wars and the loss of so many lives of our best and bravest needed to ensure and clearly identify the original, initial intent of a Constitution designed to keep them in tact in perpetuity.

There is not enough ink to expand on all of the inequities, lies, and fraud perpetrated upon the American people. He cannot run on his performance, because it has been worse, if possible than that of jimmy carter. The only thing that separates them is that obama, as far as we know…of we really know anything, has not had a drunken, beer guzzling brother, or sister who for other reasons were persona non gratis to demean the presidency. He has done all of that on his own without anyone like them, unless one wishes to exclude his wife and her intrusive practices.

We hold these truths to be self-evident by all, except the current occupant of THE PEOPLE’S WHITE HOUSE, and his entourage of radicals and czars, that all men are created equal, with some not more equal than others, for example…what is forced by “affirmative action”, and that they are endowed by their Creator, not a tree or endangered screech owl, such as debbie wasserman-schultz, with certain inalienable Rights, not to be tampered with by repetitive obama executive orders, and not meant to suggest that health care is a right, nor that the Right to vote should be given to illegal aliens, but that among the given Rights among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, none of which must be confused with gun running over our borders under the auspices of the Justice Department, and none of which include free cell phones and the overuse and abuse of the food stamp entitlement just to mention a few of too many.

That to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among reasonable men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, (Are we missing something here?) which has not seen the light of day since the quasi-coronation of b. Hussain obama (sic) in January of 2009, whose promises were either not heard or ignored that he would fundamentally change the United States into a socialist state. And that he would steer a once prominent, successful economy into ruin with 8.2% of our population unemployed, and with no future suggestion of re-employment. Whenever any form of government becomes so destructive toward these ends, it is the Right of the People to abolish or alter it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on already written principles, removing such as obama and his destructive entourage from Washington by the electorate in Nov. of 2012, thus ensuring the future Safety and Happiness of the American people.

Such has been the patient suffering of all of the 50 United States (not 57 as suggested by the head that sloppily wears the crown) attributed to the Federal government and the Justice department that has laid constraints on their ability to protect their borders from gun runners, murderers, drug suppliers, perhaps terrorists and the transport of people across the border for the purpose of many kinds of slavery. The history of the obama presidency has become that of repeated injustices, punctuated by lies and unfulfilled promises from a man who was willing to sit for 20 years in a church, married by and led by a racist, bigot preacher who desecrated our Flag, our Constitution and everything American, during which time obama purportedly heard nothing. What information has American been given that identifies the fact that b. Hussain obama, ever legally had the right to run for the presidency, yet alone hold that office. All of the facts have yet to be provided to a world willing to understand that they made a terrible mistake at the ballot box.

By virtue of his extreme evidence of narcissism, arrogance, inadequacies and promotion of everything un-American, from refusing to salute the Flag, he has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and needed for the public good. Instead, he has promoted party over country for the sole purpose of his attempt at re-election over patriotism, so as to further destroy this country which is his ideology.

He has interfered with the normal business of Government with regard to the United States duly (?) elected Senate either directly or indirectly causing his underling reid to not bring/obstruct bills that would decrease taxation on small business, allowing them to hire people, to the attention of that forum since they might have been promoted by Republicans, and thereby brought to the attention of the American people. He has indiscriminately vetoed bill brought by the House of Representatives for purely partisan purposes, even though their being signed into law might decrease our current high percentage of unemployed.

He has used, the Peoples Air Force One for his own political purposes at a cost of $180,000 per hour in an attempt to convince the people who now need convincing that he should continue “to wear the crown that he now believes adorns his head”. He has ignored the fact that he has bowed to Muslim heads of state, and one wonders how many times he might be utilizing prayer rugs sequestered in White House closets and paid for by American tax payers who were always under the impression that our Constitution separated Church from State. In the same breath, he and his justice department has ignored all of the injustices perpetrated upon the American people with regard to the removal of God in the pledge of allegiance, a crèche in a public place, a cross that forever and a day might have adorned a remote area in a national park, and the allowance of having an American flag adorn the grave site of a heroic American who gave his or her life for just that right.

He has become dangerously close to removing the first four amendments to our Constitution, a Right he allegedly taught without portfolio. One has to wonder how such a “professor…(NOT) could have been so removed from what he was being “paid” to teach. IDEOLOGY TRUMPS REASON, BUT A FEW DOLLARS TAKEN WAS APPARENTLY ACCEPTABLE FOR A community organizer/rabble-rouser.

He has ignored the FIRST AMENDMENT by trampling organized religion in the United States, by virtue of his attack upon the principles adopted and adhered to by the Catholic Church, regarding contraception, and abortion that the Church has found unacceptable by virtue of his executive orders and those obnoxious passages hidden deep within the obscenity called obamacare. This can be construed as something, never learned or accepted by someone, raised in Muslim Indonesia, mentored by bomb throwing radicals and communists, handpicked because of color, complete with no-history, and with oratory skills that allowed him with the use of teleprompters to convince the “folks” that his LIES WERE THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! How could the “folks” deny a vote to such a person of color who had pledged to give them the “stuff/obamabucks” some but most have not received to date.

He has along with Hillary Clinton, an individual selected to be Secretary of State to keep her out of the United States and out of his and her husband’s hair, allowed for the United Nations to obstruct, over-ride, remove and destroy our First Amendment Right to bear arms. Additionally, he has unilaterally authorized the denial of shipment of some arms essential to the protection of our shores and batteries, and all of this is under the auspices of the most incompetent Janet Napolitano, erstwhile head of Homeland Security..or anatomical nether region.

He, obama, has in conjunction with the most useless organization, the United Nations, entered into vague negotiations that could place the oceans of the world under their inept jurisdiction. Have you hear anything about this from CBS, NBC or ABC? No? Perhaps, Just the Windmills in your mind.

He has failed to act, when he promised to uphold the Constitution, to protect the states on our southern borders from harm, by refusing to have immigration services deport, back to their own country, aliens who have entered the United States illegally.

He has personally taken illogical credit for the creation of thousands of “new Jobs” that have never materialized. He promised shovel ready jobs from the stimulus, and the people of the United States received nothing for their money. In addition to betting with “tax payer money” on losing “green” investments, and failed “green business”, he has outsourced many manufacturing jobs out of the county, one example of many would be moneys given to a car manufacturer based in Finland.

He prematurely condemned Supreme Court decisions when it allegedly was reported to him that the Court would over turn obamacare, long before the decision was released to the public.

He has bowed to Kings (Saudi) and dignitaries from other countries including some who have harbored, aided and abetted terrorists. He has been unable to speak the word Islamic Terrorist lest it offend his friends. He has attempted to render our military tribunals impotent by bringing war criminals back to U.S. Courts, with the full knowledge that doing so could have endangered the lives of people living near the courts, and whose trials could very well have led to their release. He has kissed proverbial ass of Hugo Chavez, while the demonstrating the height of rudeness to Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel on at least two occasions during State visits.

He has taken credit for the death of osama bin laden, the believed to be the mastermind of the destruction on 9/11 of the Twin Towers with the loss of 3000 souls, who had done nothing wrong expect gone to work.Not only did he “spike” the so-called football too many times, he did not give due credit to his predecessor George W. Bush for laying the groundwork that lead to bin ladin’s death.

He has attempted to interfere with the sovereign rights of Israel, by demanding that Israel give up the protective land it has won during at least three past wars. He has provided help and comfort to Palestinians who have lobbed missiles into Israel on a regular basis, while hosting state dinners for their terrorist leaders, leaders of a Palestine, that does not and never existed as a country.

He has forced the American people to buy a product, that if not purchased would result in fines, collected by an ever-expanding IRS. He has through lies encouraged the manufacture and purchase of electric cars, who power is produced in facilities that use coal just for that purpose, the same coal industry that the, obama has condemned repeatedly and coerced via his EPA thugs. His tabulators recently came up with figures suggesting that the sales of the Volt has increased by 8%, without informing the people that most of the purchases were made by the U.S.government. In reality Toyota and Volkswagen sales rose 70-80%.

He, in a recent interview with (ugh) cbs, proclaimed that the only thing that he did wrong was to not communicate his effort with the people. newsflash to his HIGHNESS….he communicated too often all the lies that he was able to conjugate for the moment. In this way, he has continued with his narcissistic, arrogant, racist, socialist, class war mongering policies intending to destroy this country because he has not a clue, nor care what has made this country great.



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