The classless individual who currently and temporarily occupies the White House along with a woman who has expressed her disdain for this country, continues his relentless march to destroy the American way of life, its ideals and freedoms, because growing up in Indonesia, being mentored by communists and other radicals, never gave him the opportunity to understand or appreciate what this great country stands for. This individual, whose only claim to “fame” as being a community organizer in the Chicago ghettos, was groomed by low life politicians and allegedly financed by Saudi nationals to create an image of a “rising star” that never had any truth or substance. obama achieved all of his success with a gift of oratory, supplemented by information fed from teleprompters, unable to respond to a simple question without a pointless unending response. Those fools who placed him in the position he currently holds are either too embarrassed to admit their idiocy or have yet not a clue to what ends he will go to destroy America.

Yesterday, in a droning discourse in Ohio, he belabored his latest cretin idea, that the Middle Class was just a state of mind, requiring no ambition, foresight or need to succeed when government would provide for all of its needs. obama has nothing to brag about when it comes to his own achievements since their have been plenty of negative ones and none positive, so he continues to wage class warfare. In addition to pitting men against women, he and his dnc cronies, have suddenly adopted gays, tranvestites, lesbians and transgenders into their fold. In his continued condescending battle against the so-called rich, from who he readily accepts contributions, he has created a fantasy that all wealth should be redistributed. All of this can be found in the writings of Karl Marx as he pitted the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. If all of obama’s madness comes to fruition, will his obama-lovin (he drops all g’s from the ends of words when talkin to the folks) liberal dupes be willing to share their homes with droves of the poor in a “Doctor Zhivago” like setting?

obama will say anything (lie often) and do anything to be re-elected, so he can continue his destruction of the economy, and our foreign relations with once friendly governments. This administration has done more to promote American inadequacy in the world, by continuing apologies with a president bowing to a Saudi King for reasons more than likely having nothing to do with protocol or diplomacy.

We need a Republican president, a Republican House and a Republican Senate to undo all of the damage and prevent any more that obama has done to the United States, and a people who deserve better than this Marxist/progressive/alien who has sadly been in charge or has been dangled by strings held by the likes of jarrette, soros, ayers, piven and the rest of the radicals who appear to give him his marching orders.

We have Romney as the alternative to obama. Any naturally born citizen would be a better option to obama, whose credentials are still in question. People should not be afraid to voice their opposition to obama in fear of being called racists by racists. obama is a black man who was voted into office by dreamers and fools. he will not be rejected in Nov. because he is black. he will be rejected because he is incompetent.



  1. With no time to waste watching socialism descend on America and our children’s future, who do you think will be able to get the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party to come together and unify our bases of support to secure a victory against Barack Obama in 2012?

    • Mitt Romney will be the nominee of the Republican party, but he must choose a running mate acceptable to all of the American people, not just certain factions. While I like Marco Rubio, there is no guarantee that he will bring a significant number of Hispanics into the fold. While Florida remains an important swing state, it is urgent that the large Jewish population understand that they have a choice not to vote again for the communist/socialist/fraud they helped elect in 2008. Portman remains an unknown to most Americans except those living in the Midwest. Condy Rice has said she does not want to be the VP nominee, but she would bring a vast experience to the job unlike the fool who currently holds that office. While there are a few very competent individuals in the running, it would seem that the choice remains between the former two mentioned. The true spirit of the youth of America was evidenced by what Aly Raison, an 18 year old gymnast from Needham, Massachusetts, when after winning the gold in the floor exercise, offered the only prayer for the Jewish athletes murdered by islamic terrorists forty years ago in Munich, the olympic committee, not having the guts or ideals to do it, at least so far. This young Jewish girl who happens to be an American has given hope that not all young potential voters might be stupid enough to vote for a president whose wife, while attending the olympics could not take it on her own to ask for a moment of silence. This and every other slight obama has shown for Israel is reason enough for the American Jewish community to stand behind Mitt Romney. I hope that the comments made by some leftist individual named silverprice are ever accidentally attributed to you.

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