The United States Senate, Banking Committee, controlled by a group of has-beens, who long ago should have been retired to pasture, took it upon themselves to grill Morgan Stanley CEO, Jamie Dimon regarding recent losses the bank incurred. The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Tim Johnson (d) South Dakota, who appeared to have recently recovered from a stroke with a poor result, babbled on incessantly at length while reading both what consisted of a poorly written opening statement that was obviously not seen by him before the meeting began, and continued to mumble and stumble over questions all of which he read from a paper before him. It was also clear that Johnson did not either listen to or comprehend Mr. Dimon’s replies. The rest of the democRAT controlled committee gave long windbag statements before getting to the point. This included schumer from NY and Menendez from NJ who I thought was rather rude to Mr. Dimon who remained reserved, polite and professional. This was not true of the democratic part of the inquisition. Senator Jim DeMint (R) of South Carolina, was erudite and concise when he correctly stated that Mr. Dimon was being questioned by a group of people, associated with a government that lost more than 2 BILLION dollars a day of taxpayer money. It has been ascertained that the losses sustained by Morgan Stanley, involved no taxpayer money.

It would be hoped that Mr. Dimon who has expressed his support for obama, will share his displeasure for him with his associates in secret if not openly and VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY WHEN HE VOTES IN NOVEMBER, ALONG WITH THE REST OF DECENT, RESPONSIBLE INTELLIGENT, AMERICA.

It is also clear that the congressional swamp must be cleansed of both Republican and democrat denizens, beginning with lautenberg, menendez, schumer, just to mention a few of so many, and most of all, the creature from the no longer great-state of california, pelosi.


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