According to Wikipedia, axelrod was born in 1955, to a Jewish mother and a Jewish father in New York, and grew up(?) in Stuyvesant Town on Manhattan’s East side. Attributing the appeal of politics to his childhood. it is of note that his parents separated when he was just 8 years old. Also of note is the fact that his mother, a journalist, worked for a “left-wing” 1940’s paper. (SURPRISE>>SURPRISE) During an interview, he claimed that he got into politics because he believed in idealism, and gets all emotional about it when he thinks of it, somewhat akin, I would imagine, to Chris Matthews “wetting himself” rejoicing in thoughts of obama. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in NY, which could make current graduates who are conservative shudder in horror, and went on to, where else but the bastion of liberalism, the university of chicago. If you have not already got it, I do not capitalize any one or any place I believe has not earned my own personal respect. In 1977, his father reportedly committed suicide. axelrod remained in chicago and involved himself in its politics. For some unknown reason, he became involved in Canadian politics, and in 2004 worked for the campaign of john edwards who recently has admitted to being a bad husband and father for various sordid reasons. In 2006, axelrod consulted on the gubernatorial campaign of elliot spitzer, aka CLIENT NUMBER 9. The latter was forced to resign in disgrace as NY governor. I found no record of him having any thing to do with tony weiner. OH WELL.

axelrod and obama, having become part of the “lakefront liberal crowd” of chicago became connected via mutual friends. An issue developed since Hillary Clinton had worked in behalf of epilepsy, a condition, axelrod’s daughter unfortunately suffered from. he believed that if he would help obama get elected, he would have accomplished something great in his life. Unfortunately it has turned out to the detriment of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We do not know axelrod’s personal preferences, as a Jew(?) regarding Israel. If he supports obama, who more than likely maintains a muslim position, Jews other than those living in Boca Rotan, Fl might consider him a whore, even if they were “born democrats” whatever that means. It is inconceivable that anyone with a brain, would agree with everything obama has done to destroy our country, and defend every lie his boss has told. Perhaps axelrod does not wish to be counted among the 8.2% UNEMPLOYED, COURTESY OF HIS EMPLOYER, THE CURRENT AND TEMPORARY OCCUPANT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

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