barack HUSSAIN obama, aka barry soetoro wants another chance at further destroying the American way of life, creating chaos by fostering class warfare, to justify his distorted notion that socialism is the answer to our countries economic disaster that he created. The former community organizer/rabble-rouser/activist, who never heard one word of what the race-baiting/racist jeremiah wright spewed from his pulpit for over twenty years while he, obama was in attendance, has placed blame on everyone except his own bloated ego for the crisis he has created, along with too many czars and an assortment of congressional democratic miscreants. This fraud who should have been properly vetted by the biased media before one vote was cast in 2008, has sat idly by when in 2009, the people of Iran revolted against the mullahs, tried to re-create the borders of Israel for his own muslim purposes, released information concerning the methods by which terrorists were interrogated, and the list demonstrating his lack of leadership goes on and on. More recently. he and the idiot pelosi have encouraged the ignorant/anarchist/occupiers to continue on their destructive, police baiting, hatred of everything American as their leader obama bashed the so-called rich who, have stupidly contributed money to his coffers. he has encouraged the unions to do what they do best…..ACT LIKE A HAMMER WIELDING MOB while enjoying the perks so undeserved with regard to exorbitant pensions. One has to wonder who the people are who flank obama while he subverts the truth for more lies with every speech he gives, and how much they may be paid for standing behind him applauding his every bit of misinformation regarding his accomplishments. his only accomplishment has been to wreck the U.S. economy as was in a plan long ago fomented by his good friends and mentors, such as william ayers, cloward and piven, sol alinsky and george soros. I did fail to mention lenin, stalin, marx, but they are easily added to the list.

One would hope that the American people will make the necessary changes in the House, Senate and Presidency come Nov. 6, 2012.


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