There is an email circulating that justice elena kagan was the snitch who immediately advised obama of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 negative decision on obamacare. It would be no surprise if this was found to be true since she was his solicitor general who reportedly played and integral role in the development of the most offensive unconstitutional legislation ever to be passed by a United States Congress. One must wonder why she has not been asked to recuse herself from that decision-making process, and could she have been asked to do so? obama has been at war with the Court and has supposedly declared Chief Justice Roberts to be his number one enemy which I suppose would make Justice Alito #2 after the latter took exception to remarks made by the president during his infamous State of the Union address a few years ago. It is interesting that soon after The Court concluded its evidence finding session on obamacare, obama came out to defend his position on this destructive piece of legislation, leading one to believe that he had gotten inside information regarding the Court’s decision. Justice Kennedy has been reported to have said that he would not retire until after obama is gone, giving credence to the suggestion that the unhealthy-healthcare bill will be struck down as unconstitutional in its entirety. We have five weeks left to find out the Court’s decision. In the meantime, obama rarely speaks about his “premier” legislation so touted by the idiot pelosi as then speaker and voted on by a bunch of miscreants who never read any of it. It has taken two years to find out that the cost will be in the trillions of dollars, and it contains riders and thousands of rules and regulations unrelated to health care. Additionally, too much is left to the discretion of the Health and (Human?) Services Secretary who has little or no background to place her in a position of such importance.

obama will now use some $20 Million of tax payer money to promote all the “good” of which there is none in obamacare by hiring a rather expensive public relations firm to present more lies to the American people. SINCE THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN USING PUBLIC FUNDS ILLEGALLY FOR CAMPAIGN PURPOSES, IT IS ILLEGAL AND SHOULD BE CONDEMNED BY EVERYONE WITH A BRAIN AND WHOSE POCKET HAS BEEN PICKED ON A REGULAR BASIS BUY THIS TERRIBLE ADMINISTRATION AND CO-CONSPIRATORS IN CONGRESS.


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