One has only to watch recent videos of the anarchist occupy movement(bowel?) throughout the not so great state of california, breaking the law, heaving bricks at policemen, breaking car windows, using molotov cocktails, and looting to draw an easy comparison between that assorted group of trash and those who have chosen to align themselves with the Tea Party. Clearly, the Tea Party with their children in strollers, peacefully presenting their case and afterwards cleaning up any legible signs written in English, brought with them, have not been a threat in any way to the public, not have they broken any laws. With regard to the idiots in the occupy movement who apparently never matriculated past the third grade, they have been unable to put to words together to make a sentence defining the reason for their “protests”, nor have they ever passed spell check regarding the spelling of “SOCILIST”, something they “advocate” but never learned how to spell.

No members of the Tea Party have been accused of promiscuous/sexual behavior, using drugs or rape….something members of occupy have. Members of the Tea party have never required the use of illegally placed tents, have never looted and have never advocated the overthrow of the U.S. government. The majority of the occupiers have not a clue why they are where they have been strategically placed by obama’s government and his supporters. The majority have been in some way paid for being IDIOTS, which is understandable with the administration we currently have and its deadly desire to continue for another four years.

Who, in our government believes that these anarchists are providing a service? Well, our narcissistic, undeserving president obama believes that their impetus has changed him. The idiot pelosi adores these creeps and says so when her botoxed mouth and brain allow. It is more interesting that the moronic democrats such as schumer and the other useless female NY senator has remained mute, along with the two turds from NJ who never should have risen to a position that required intelligence and common sense.

Members of the media, including Fox’s Juan Williams do not have to prostitute themselves along with beckels, combs, hahn, kohn and the rest of the liberal ignoramuses who regularly show their bias and stupidity by continuing their lockstep (goose step?) march while applauding the perverse administration, that will be removed on November 6, 2012.

Conservatives, patriots and true Americans should be proud of the manner in which the Tea Party has established and defined its values. There is no comparison to be made with the garbage called occupy.

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