WILL THERE BE OUTRAGE AND PROTESTS AND MARCHES LED BY sharpton, jackson,the congressional black caucus and the black panthers, NEW AND OR OLD REGARDING THE MURDER KIDNAPPING IN TEXAS?

Yesterday, a black woman shot and killed a mother and kidnapped her three-day old baby in a Texas town. She has been apprehended and arrested by Texas authorities. Fortunately, the infant boy has been recovered and is safe. Apparently, this has been a random attack on a white woman who three days ago delivered a baby boy and upon leaving the hospital was shot seven times by the accused who then kidnapped her three-day old newborn, leaving her to die which did later occur. Might we expect some outrage from sharpton and jackson and members of the black congressional caucus along with the new or old black panthers regarding this horrible occurrence? Will they dash down to the Texas town to march and protest against black on white violence? More than likely not since there would be no monetary compensation available to them to do so. Nor might they be able to cloud the evidence with racial slurs in an attempt to obscure reality that a black killed a white. Perhaps, they might resurrect the obscenities of our country’s Civil War in an attempt to justify any black against white rage. Will our (not mine) president take a position regarding the murder of a white woman at the hands of a black woman if evidence might suggest that be the case? I would imagine that neither jackson nor sharpton would be either seen or heard. Should moderate, reasonable black Americans find this acceptable? I hope not.


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