Rumor has it that Harvard may soon be providing a course in UNDERSTANDING obama. It might be available to any student, which is different in the course in “everyday Marxism” offered to some Portland State University students who will use karl marx theories on a day-to-day basis by virtue of “community organizing” and participating in a requirement for Occupy. Parent of those students must be very proud. I doubt if any credits will be earned from the understanding obama course because it will be worthless. America understands obama very well and disapproves of him and his own marxist policies.

obama continues to parade the so-called Buffett rule as a model of how the so-called “rich” should be molested. Buffett, who has huge financial holdings, is currently involved in litigation with the IRS because he disapproves of the rate he is being taxed, calling it UNFAIR, mr.obvama. obama’s continued harangue against the rich to pay their “fair share” has become trite and overworked since Buffett actually takes home at least half of what his so-called secretary takes home, because of the manner in which his wealth is distributed. ANOTHER DAY….ANOTHER LIE FROM obama.


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