The president, so beside himself that he will lose hos precious money burning obamacare, stood yesterday before a core of the Disassociated Press and told one lie after another regarding Paul Ryan’s budget. The democratic senate has not passed any budget in years, and recently with only 51 votes required, refused to pass obama’s latest FOLLY that again blamed success for everything while praising the continuation of wasteful entitlements. Since the onset of his seemingly attempt at totalitarianism, both of obama’s budgets have been rejected out of hand by everyone even democrats with half a brain. In a vain attempt to boost his ego, obama lied about everything listing destruction of clean air,clean water, a failed weather program, and taking food out of poor baby’s mouths and laid the blame for all of these falsehoods at the feet of the Republicans. He is so afraid of losing he will say and do anything. Such was his training in Indonesia and as a”community organizer in Chicago.” Not only do we not know where he was born, anything about his health and school records, his travel on which passports, and his Connecticut(?) social security number, we have not a clue if he was a success at organizing a community. The probability is that he excelled at creating racial tension and majored in class warfare.

The members of the Dissociated Press will probably run with every lie.


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