barry soetoro AKA barack Hussein obama, GO TO THE BLACKBOARD AND WRITE MARBURY VS. MADISON 100 TIMES

The president allegedly taught Constitutional law in Chicago having been elevated from community organizer to “professor”, but obviously failed to read some pertinent information dealing with the United States Supreme Court that established JUDICIAL REVIEW subsequent to the case of Marbury vs. Madison. In his recent diatribe against the Court, not unlike his 2010 attack against some of its members, obama acting like a spoiled child who did not get his way, showed evidence of his unfamiliarity with the Law of the Land as it was written.

It would seem that this president is in our face 24×7 with misrepresentations and anecdotal tales, non of which have ever been substantiated about how wonderful and necessary certain people believe that obama care is to them. Yesterday, the King’s Fool, jay carney was unable to comprehend questions asked by Brett Baire, responding as usual with the party line aka garbage.



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