Yesterday, obama raged against the Supreme Court accusing it of judicial activism. Did he receive inside information that the Court would find obamacare unconstitutional and would state so in June of this year. For what other reason other than the abject stupidity that he has evidence on a daily basis since moving into our White House, would he take the position that he did during a conference in the rose garden. Was this accidental? Doubtful since most questions are screened or scripted by this White House. If indeed, obamacare has been struck down, obama will now take on the Supreme Court accusing it of prejudice, most likely against apple pie, motherhood, women, women’s health concerns, twenty-six year olds living with Mommy, and all of the grubbers who receive questionable entitlements on a daily basis because at least 5 of the judges were appointed by Republican presidents. obama, the “great” Constitutional Law “professor” would ignore that the three women he appointed were uber liberals, one of who does not believe in the Constitution and has recently stated so, another who is a judicial activist, and the third who should have recused herself from the case since as Solicitor General for obama, she has a conflict of interest.

With each passing day, obama sees his presidency dissolving with no chance of re-election, so he will resort to more untruths. Those of us educated Americans saw this on day one of the obama presidency. Most of the fools who voted for him in 2008 will again vote for him along racial lines. Young Americans who are now four years older understand that their lives have been made worse because of their choice in 2008. Senior citizens do not believe all of the garbage the democrats toss out as truths and will vote for the Republican candidate, except for the intelligence deprived groups living in Boca Raton Florida. MOUTH OF THE RAT DOES MAKE A LOT OF SENSE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT.

Generally, obama and his henchmen say and do things according to plan, so one must assume that he has been made aware of the sentiment of the Supreme Court by one of those “leaks.” THIS IS ALSO THE SENTIMENT OF THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!.


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