Open Mike South Korea: A conversation between Medvedev and obama: Give me some space and when I am re-elected, you can depend upon my conciliatory efforts regarding missile defense. Oh and are you still supporting Iran’s nuclear program? They must be making great strides in nuclear medicine.

Open Mike Sanford Florida: I hope both you, Reverend sharpton and our buddy Reverend jackson keep up the good work stirring the pot when it comes to any white-black issues. Civility has its place but only when I think it does.

Open Mike Washington: Its real fun meeting with you lobbyists at this coffee shop. You do plan to pick up the tab and anything else, right?

Open Mike Solyndra: I am behind you 300 percent with the tax payer’s money!

Open Mike steven chu: Ignore the criticism. I have your back, at least for the moment.You might consider getting rid of your gas guzzling SUV.

Open Mike U.S. Senate: Harry, we all know you are an idiot, but we need more idiots like you if we are going to destroy this country as planned.

Open Mike Sol Alinsky, How am I doing?: You might check with Ed Koch.

Open Mike william ayers: Sorry I had to deny you but I’ll make up for it.

Open Mike ACLU, SEIU et al: Keep the money flowing in and you will continue to get what you have asked for.

Open Mike to nancy pelosi: You might want to cut down on the Botox. I need you to smile more when you are lying.

Open Mike The three female Supreme Court Justices in the bag and what’s his name: I had better see the results I expected when I put you there, and tell what’s his name his house might be up for foreclosure. I suppose you are all too old for a lap dance, and not that attractive.

Open Mike Hawaii: I don’t care if the numbers on the birth certificates are not sequential. I cannot out the idiot who forged mine lest he blow the whistle. Do something about my social security number that my honky MomMom got for me. Somehow change Connecticut to Hawaii or at least Illinois where I might get a better chance. And no! I am not overly concerned that more Illinois Governors and congressmen have gone to jail for illegal practices than any other state in the country.

Open Mike Colorado State Correctional Institution: Glad to see your hair is not mussed up. I will remind my guys there that you already have a wife if you conveniently forget any and everything related to Illinois politics.

Open Mike move along dot com: Georgi, my man. Keep the money flowing and I will provide the hope and change you insisted upon.

Open Mike American Universities: Keep hiring liberal, progressive professors with communist/socialist leanings and I will bring more of your kind to change the mind-set of America’s children to hate their parents, despise entrepreneurship, and rely upon the wonderful government to think for them and when needed even to wipe their asses.

Open Mike General Motors: If you think I plan to buy one of those crappy electric cars, think again!

Open Mike NBC: I talked Michele into bringing the “Biggest Loser” program into the White House. Need I say more?


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