Using their favorite ploy of rush to judgment, sharpton and jackson among many others, have incited hatred and unrest throughout the nation, regarding the Trayvon-Zimmerman incident in Sanford, Florida last month. The pictures shown on television of the young black man, portray him as being small and skinny, however it has been alleged that in truth, he was 6 ft 3 and weighed at least 200 lbs. The other question unanswered is whether he was trespassing on private property while crossing within a gated community, supposedly en route to visit his father who lives in Florida while his mother apparently lives elsewhere. The case received additional notoriety when obama put his nose into the fray, further entitling sharpton, jackson et al to further create more chaos. The media immediately added to the conflict by portraying Zimmerman, supposedly Peruvian by ancestry as a “WHITE Hispanic”, a term suddenly used for political purposes. There is still information to be released by the police concerning how Zimmerman sustained the amount of injuries, he allegedly was found to be suffering from when found the night of the shooting.

With usual fervor of a the racially motivated, sharpton’s actions bring to mind the tawana brawley case that he was knee-deep in and has yet to respond to the fact that it was all a scam as admitted to by brawley. Not many years ago, he Jackson and black militants created more racially motivated chaos in their rush to judgment in the case of the five Duke lacrosse students, accused of rape of an alleged prostitute who happened to be black. Their rush to judgment again caused abnormal racial tensions, but when it became apparent that the students, who suffered significantly because of the intensity of black activists, had committed no crime. Little was said except by conservative talk;k radio hosts of the fact that no recriminations were suggested against the black activist groups.

The Trayvon-Zimmerman case has now received national notoriety with the parents(?) of the young black boy appearing in Congress today. No one wants to see any child of any one die, but where is the hue and cry when blacks kill blacks? In New York, 70% of murders deal with blacks killing blacks. We never hear much from sharpton and jackson about these killings, because they probably would not get enough TV or press time by doing so.

The new black panthers are now involved, having put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head in the amount of $10,000. One might ask where they got that money from? The attorney general who has been asked to resign by more than 123 members of Congress, has been mute. obama weighed in immediately on the case fomenting more antagonism between the races while preaching “civility”. Has there ever been a bigger fraud than the current White House occupant. The black communities would gain a great deal by rejecting the sharptons and jacksons understanding their disinterest in their own people and standing shoulder to shoulder with members of all communities in rejecting the hatred fomented by those who claim to be leaders and defenders of the cause.


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