Why would anyone elect and plan to re-elect someone who has an agenda that lead to the moral, political and economic decline of the society that elected him? One must attempt to understand the motivation that caused an educated woman from Virginia Beach, a highly regarded teacher from Maryland, a successful businessman from Florida, entrepreneurs from Woodstock, New York, and two seemingly intelligent retired executives from New Jersey, just to mention a few, not only to vote for obama but to disregard all of his failures and lies ,make excuses for the manner in which he is destroying this country and look forward to once again cast a ballot for him in November of this year. One can only assume that all of the aforementioned have DO NOT DISTURB signs stapled to their foreheads. The late Peter Sellers made a politically motivated movie called “I’M ALL RIGHT JACK” whose title using a low British idiomatic expression. It is this expression that seems to permeate all or part of American liberalism, that can explain its fondest and support for a president who has failed this country in every way imaginable. They all apparently and currently have no impending monetary issues, therefore “screw everyone else.” They are getting their pensions, some possibly undeserved, their extraordinary health benefits, soon to be terminated, and the same tax breaks they have denounced, enjoyed by the movers and shakers of our society: the businessmen willing to try innovation and take a chance: the same motivation that created this country.

That DO NOT DISTURB sign allows them to accept everything the president says, supported by a biased liberal media, without questioning any of the daily course of lies we and they are being fed. They are happy to remain in their state of ignorance being spoon fed information from comedians without morals, and local station commentators acting in the guise of reporting facts, while 90% is fiction, anger, bias and misogyny. Since many of them are women, why would they be so accepting of the pornographic condemnation of conservative women? Are they just so brainwashed that they would accept information, so warped and so filled with untruths that they are unwilling to hear the other side of the story.

It is a given that the election will be swayed along racial lines, but faith in the American people will lead one to hope that this will be just a small minority whose hands still reach out for continued entitlements.Fortunately, there are so many Hispanic and Afro-Americans, who enjoy the fruits of capitalism and understand how the obama-based socialistic society destroys motivation in the poorer communities to rise up above what ever their level of poverty and to succeed on their own.

What is it that they do not comprehend about obama’s energy policy with one “green” failure after another? How do they not see the daily dose of lies spewed out by the current White House resident concerning his energy policy? Do they really enjoy paying excessive fuel prices and looking forward to a European economy where $8-$10 per gallon of gas is the accepted norm? How many of these global warming enthusiasts have paid a premium price for solar panels on their homes, windmills on their lawn and failed electric cars whose costs would not be paid back in their lifetime? Of the aforementioned group…..NONE!

What might it take for these individuals to remove that DO NOT DISTURB sign and come to their senses? Perhaps it might do them some good to read our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps they might watch Fox News, once in a while, as an alternative to the NBC cable affiliates. Perhaps they might take a greater interest in what the administration and the democratic liberal congress are doing to create chaos and havoc, racism, divisiveness among Americans while they enjoy excessive, unearned pay, perks and healthcare far better than the rest of us do.

America cannot afford four more years of obama. Neither can the aforementioned, but they do not currently see that since they are happy with the DO NOT DISTURB sign still stapled to their foreheads.


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