The number of windmills would be so vast that their would be no room for paying passengers. The weight of the solar panels needed, would prevent the plane from lifting off the runway. The number of obamas needed to destroy this country? The answer is ONE and he wants another term to complete the job. Everyone, even those so foolish to have voted for obama, had to have known that he was immature, unprepared and possibly ineligible for the job. The last there years has substantiated that and one must add ineptness, incivility, lack of leadership, along with a marxist agenda that has driven his every move. Complementing this was his choice of ignorant, radical people that he placed into major cabinet positions and those from whom he got his “best/worst” advice.

He has continually blamed someone other than himself for his failed vision, outlandish and possible illegal use of American tax payer money to further a green ideology that has shown to be without merit and an abject failure. Despite this he has ignored these “mistakes” and wishes to repeat all or most of them. Having no real or strong platform that shows why he should be re-elected, he and his cronies have relied upon lies and propaganda, that as I have previously noted would make Josef Goebbels proud. His recent attack on the FREEDOM OF RELIGION, again showed his hatred for our Constitution, something allegedly he taught to law students in Chicago. They must have learned nothing and probably are among those who now surround him as advisers. In order to deflect from his failed foreign policy and absurd economic agenda, he decided to attack the Catholic Church by virtue of forcing them to provide contraception. When this failed, he resorted to blaming the church and the Right for “being against women,” and ridiculing those Americans who, while not believing contraception was a choice for them, never objected to its use by others. It was never about contraception, it was about freedom of religion. pelosi dragged sandra fluke into a Congressional hearing that no Republican felt of value, to make her the poster girl for the most radical of woman in need of free contraception. It is clear that some genius in the White House believed this was a great idea. Well it wasn’t.

obama chose a professor from california (where else) to head the Department of Energy, a position along with Education that should be disbanded. Every time another cabinet position is added, it employs thousands more of public sector workers, who know nothing and do nothing, but extort large salaries and pensions. Chu is a case in point because he allowed the moneys that went to Solyndra and dozens of other failed green programs.

This is in part the fault of a Congress that refuses to change obsolete decisions made in years past. If a Department fails to use or distribute all of the money it was allotted, the allotment for the next year will be reduced. Removing this idiocy and having a balanced budget forced upon the Congress is the only answer to huge waste of tax payer money. It would be an excellent beginning.

obama’s supporters that come from california and hollywood are the worst hypocrites of them all. Big money from Streisand who is allegedly wasteful of our natural resources be they heat or water or fuel; the two musical guys from New Jersey, one of whom gets a tax right off that occupy should but won’t decry even if they found out about it by listening to or watching a reputable news station; Harrison Ford who reportedly is a big believer that only we the people pollute the atmosphere, allegedly will fly one of his many fuel consuming air planes long distances for purposeless reasons This is the garbage that obama relies upon for money and verbal support.

Today obama’s value as president went down a few more points, along with American’s belief that he is a lousy president WHAT TRICKERY CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE TOMORROW? Fudge the unemployment numbers, jobs created or how great we are doing! THEY WILL HAVE TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE SINCE THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE HONESTY. THEY CAN’T DO THAT SINCE IT WOULD BE DANGEROUS TO HIS REL-ELECTION CHANCES AND THE THE REST OF THE DISINGENUOUS FAILURES WE CALL A CONGRESS.


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