The plot of a movie “WAG THE DOG”, screened a few years back had to do with the need to deflect from the electorate sexual indiscretions(1996)) by a member of a U.S. administration, by creating an imaginary war with the minute country of Albania. This reminds me of an early British movie with Peter Sellers called “THE MOUSE THAT ROARED”. In any event our own personal, yet to be a major motion picture, could be called WAG THE TONGUE, something obama has done continuously, by creating imaginary scenarios about the need for green, despite the fact that his green projects, perhaps illegally funded by the American tax payers have all failed. Yet his tongue keeps on wagging, so we have to question his contact with reality versus, his agenda, to destroy this country, because of his upbringing, his socialist/marxist mentors and the radicals with whom he has associated and placed in important positions in the once White House. If lying on a daily basis was part of his oath of office, he has fulfilled his obligation completely. It was today reported that obama offered Israel new weaponry if Israel would wait until after the U.S. election to attack Iran. If this is the case, his unrealistic passion to be re-elected, is more important to him than the possibility of a nuclear Iran and a world at war.


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