One might argue that a better reason for pursuing protection against pregnancy would be giving birth to a child who would be subjected to what obama and his cultist marxists have in store for them at the moment of their birth and years to follow. Our current debt is so disgustingly high and will continue to rise under the auspices of the narcissistic individual who occupies the White House and has assumed the role of a Deity in his own mind. Young men and women should realistically consider what they might expose their not yet conceived children to with regard to obama’s apologetic responses to terrorist nations, our significant debt, his refusal to allow for use of our vast natural resources, his apoplectic refusal to lead, his questionable religious preferences, and his recurrent and forceful effort to disregard the Constitution of the United States, the American patriots who defend it on a daily basis, and the freedoms secured and protected by our founding fathers. Any form of contraception is an individual’s decision, not subject to the whims of a government led by a poorly vetted 2008 candidate, and in no manner required to be paid for with tax payer’s money.

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