I normally would not post any letters or comments from a liberal democrat, because they are generally filled with vile and foul language, but this was not the case with regard to this particular individual who seems generally enamored by the president and what he believes have been his accomplishment. He did not use exactly that word but it was clearly singular.

” This is the first time I have writen to anyone. I am a twenty-eight year old man, and live in Saugerties, New York. It is very nice here. I voted for Mr. Obama because I believed that he would give me “stuff” as he promised in his talks. Goodness, he is on television more than that Law and Order program. There are to many rich guys here in New York and they should share and be fair with me as Mr. Obama says. I can’t wait until I get one of those Volt cars free that he promised. He has done good things. I lost my job, but that is okay since I get free money every two weeks and do not have to look for a new job. When I got sick, I went to Kingston and the hospital took care of me for free. Some people are angry with Mr. Obama’s law to give free medical care. I am not. I just wonder all the time who gives medicine to all them folks waitin on the corner to do rich people’s lawns and such, since there are an awful lot of them and I would not like for them to take any of my stuff cause Mr. Obama promised it to me.

” I do not have a car right now since I am waiting for the free Volt car, so I do not care about what gas costs. When I watch television, the nice fat man who is always so excited says it is George Bushes fault and I know that is true. That fella way early in the morning, losing his hair, who cannot keep a sidekick is just like me, I think. Mr. Obama says everything is George Bushes fault. And I believe that cause he says so. One day when my Mom was at work I looked at a channel that says it was fair and balanced told scary things,that made sense, but that confused me cause the local television says everything is good and needs no fixin. I told my Mom about it but she said I can only watch what she says I can watch and I know she is a good democrat cause she says she was born that way. Someone told me that Mrs. Obama’s not lettin school kids eat what they want. I was thinkin that maybe she was so fat as a kid, it bothers her somewhat. I saw some pictures of her and think she maybe eats what she says the kids cannot eat. I really think I should be able to eat what I want anyhow.”

” One nite when Momma was out I took a peek on television at those eight people who want to take Mr. Obama’s job away. The lady was real pretty and made sense, but I was told not to think like them folk because they was something called racist and drank tea all day. Cannot figure that at all. I don’t know what that means. Seems to me that a lot of the things they said could be good for me and this country. I don’t know why Momma says they are liars and it is all Mr. George Bushes fault or something like that. Doesn’t seem right since Mr. George Bush has been away for so long to not have a fault for anything and he seemed like a real nice man anyway.”

” I do not understand this green thing we got to do. Saw a movie called 2012 where the world was swallowed up by this big water spout, so I got to wonder if we were all going to be over run by green stuff, slimy and all that. Kids down the block were forced to watch that Mr. Gore movie about stuff like that in school. I asked Momma about it and she got pissed at me and said the world needed more windmills and something called solar.”

” I watched that nice lady on television who is in congress from California. Cannot figure out why her lips don’t move and why her eyes keep on blinkin. She come from a state that makes all them good movies, and sacrifices so for the people that she had to cut down on the number of bottles of wine she made at something called a vineyard she owns. That fellow from Nevada gives me the creeps and I can hardly hear what he mumbles. That senator from my state has got to get his face in front of every camera, and he is not that good lookin either.”

” I just have to wonder why I vote the way Momma says, but I guess I was born a democrat as well. I guess that means I do not have to think at all. So, I will vote for Mr. Obama again and again. The last time in the year 2008, the nice folks from…sounds like the name of a nut…helped me vote at least three times here, and twice in Massachusetts, and even bussed me as far away as Indiana to vote again. America is wonderful that someone like me could express myself in more than one state just to vote for a president. Those nice folks said I could be a permanent voter and get paid for it, but I told them I had better not, cause I just looked forward to my checks every two weeks. Then they said something like under the table and that sounded real bad cause Momma warned me about stuff like that.”

While he did not leave a name, I thought his comments to the point and representative of
those who voted for obama and will vote for him again and again and again. This would include the deceased as well. Well and perhaps a few illegal aliens.


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