We are being constantly bombarded with ads for the Chevy Volt, a General Motors car that is priced around $40,000. Exactly who is footing the bill, since GM has yet to pay back the TAX PAYER LOAN, obama provided to this company and its unions.

With the economy still in a downward spiral, despite administration lies and spin, who, exactly will be able to afford the car unless the purchaser is able to sell his home and move the family into the tiny Volt. It would appear that only the 1% might make the buy if they needed a new toy.

The Volt is powered by electricity and requires frequent recharging of the $8000 dollar battery. How many charging stations will be available and convenient? Let’s not forget the fact that the car has caught fire. Was any information held back? Does the American public understand that electricity comes from coal, the industry that obama has almost greened back into the ground, or is it just us conservatives who understand the hipocracy and hubris, and disdain for America, daily shown by the current occupant of the White House.

Will the Volt join Solyndra and the rest of obama’s misuse of taxpayers money to promote his “green” policy, the intent of which is to make nice to environmentalists for political purpose.


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