Is there anyone but me who is absolutely fed up with hearing and seeing obama on radio and tv. This man’s ego is on overdrive as he continuously throws himself out to the public spewing the same lies over and over again. It is beyond comprehension that the democrats are so self-centered and afraid of losing their ill-gotten gains that they put party over country. They must have some inklng of what obama is doing. Apropos of that it would be certainly worthwhile for people to read Jerome Corsi’s “obama Nation”, a complication of material concerning the current oval office OCCUPIER’S past history and published prior to the 2008 election, the predictions that have come true. The second book, written by Erik Larsen “In The Garden Of The Beast” tells a biographical tale of an American diplomat’s view of Hitler’s rise to power and the propaganda used to convince the German people of his invincibility.

obama uses all of the liberal television stations and ass kissing interviewers to promote what he has done (nothing good), deny any wrongdoing while taking no responsibility for the dire situation we face with the economy, unemployment and the drowning housing market. His answer is to tell a few tales, fudge numbers and hope people will fall for it. Rush Limbaugh recently said that “the ignorant can make a difference.” They certainly did in 2008 and unless they educate themselves will vote gain for this “OCCUPIER” who claims he deserves another term. Hopefully, people fed up with likes of matt lauer, 60 minutes, rachel madow, et al will mute the sound when they voice their biased non-news and commentary. Even Jon Stewart makes more sense, on occasion and he is doing comedy (I think).

Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and some democrats must see what obama plans for this country. In his campaign he clearly said that “he would fundamentally change America”. He meant it and not in a good way. Republican candidates for nomination had better take to high road now. It would seem that Rick Santorum might be the more viable candidate and not liberal/moderate Romney or bombastic, unelectable Gingrich. It would be hoped that some of Ron Paul’s more sane positions might be incorporated into a Republican platform, and that he would not run as a third-party candidate.


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