In his recent dictum, or what many might perceive as a royal proclamation, the current OCCUPIER the White House, has shown his disdain for, at least Christianity, despite his political claim that he was a daily praying Christian. All other religions had better watch out. Can anyone draw a parallel between 1933 Nazi, Germany and our current oppressive propaganda energized government. We see more similarities, not so much national socialism but socialistic/communism between that period and the years since obama, legally or not claimed the presidency.

Does axelrod, presumably a JEW OR PERHAPS A JINO, really believe that Americans will see this as more than a diversion where obama will disdain religion and then have a change of mind so Americans do not see the destruction achieved by this administration of our economy and the middle class that obama really does not champion.

obmaa is a marxist hell bent to destroy this country by any means. If his ever lovin Occupiers create total chaos, might he find that as an excuse to declare martial law? Just think what more power this egomaniac will enjoy in the name of FAIRNESS.

The consummate idiot nancy pelosi was correct that we would find out what was in obamacare and now that some of many dirty secrets have been exposed, America wants this disgusting, soon to be decided piece of legislation declared unconstitutional or repealed by the next Republican Congress. IDIOTIC AMERICA DID NOT ELECT A KING. THEY ELECTED A USURPER.


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